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Reposting this from my Notes in Facebook. It is because of this post that I realized I want to blog and share what I learned/discovered.

When I first encountered babywearing, my first born Kite was already too old for it.  I really wanted to babywear, I see the wisdom in it, you get to be so close to your baby yet your hands can be free.  Lucky for me the distributors and makers of the baby slings are N@Wies (Abbie & Rissa for Maya Wrap & JenCCTan for Next9). When I got preggy I knew I will attempt babywearing and wish it is as simple as I thought it would be.  And it kinda was.  It was scary at first but since am in touch nga with the baby carrier gods, it was easy for me to ask for help.  Ok success for me meant I was able to use the one of the slings I bought.  But I also read and saw reviews of moms loving other kinds of sling, so I know there’s more out there to conquer. I also knew it will be a lifesaver during travels, so prior to our trip last April I gathered enough friends and organized a Babywearing Meet, from a small group it became quite a medium sized group 🙂  We had so much fun learning different kinds of babywearing. The sling was the single most used item in our baggage during our trip.

It was so useful that I am now going to actively talk about it and share my discovery. I know that there are a lot of baby carrier owners who ‘use their carrier.  I understand why coz I was kinda scared too at first. I also know some moms just need to be taught, motivated, cajoled as was the case during the 1st babywear meet. That’s why I wrote this entry.

Added Note:

We would like to invite you to join us for the 2nd Babywear Meet on July 2 at Starbucks Fort Bonifacio (the one with the drive thru) 10am-12nn.  Walang sponsor so kanya kanyang bili ng kape 🙂

Bring whatever sling, carrier you have, or if you wish to try a certain kind out send Abbie Yabut (Maya Wrap), Jen Tan (Next9) and/or Jenny Ong (sells several diff brands of Slings) a message and ask if they can bring, if you wish to buy PM them din to ask them to bring stocks.  This is purely a babywear meet, you need not buy nor use their products, they are just going to guide us and share their knowledge.  Other users both experts and newbies will be there too to share thoughts and experience.

What the heck if you do not wish to babywear but wanna talk mommy talk go na din!

Breastfeed, baby care or pregnancy concerns pwede din isama.  Remember mommies and daddies ang mga andoon, so we probably have pregger to parents of newborn to teens in the crowd for you to share with.

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  • mrskendz says:

    pwede din trying to conceive couples? 😀

  • BenzRana says:

    Kendz: yeah go for the chika factor. game? lapit lapit mo lang eh. next papa makeover kami sa iyo hehehe

  • mrskendz says:

    hahaha mama benz, actually, may nawie na nag PM sa akin. she wants a makeover daw. *heart warming!*

    sige punta ako. hihi. para makilala ko na din mga n@wies. time for me to be active again! hahaha.

    • BenzRana says:

      ako nga ilang beses ko gusto mag comment i want to be a guinea pig, na shy ako hahaha. pero i want to be one ha. also i bought the human nature lip somethng yung part ng newbie make up post mo. makukuha ko later, ayan ha may clout ka na 🙂

  • Abet Rana says:

    collection lang ng babywearing pics ko, isang entry na uli agad yon. 😉 *gusto bida rin dito*

  • Lui Buenavista says:

    mama benz,

    cant wait to see you again.. you look good with laya sa picture, nakaka-inspire magka-baby ulit dahil sa babywear. toinks! =p

    mrs kendz,

    ako natamaan dun sinabi mo.. ako po yun (feelingera!)? or madami pang ibang ka-n@w gusto magpa-make over? alright! punta ka na din po. nang mag-kasubukan na.. hehe.. bago ikaw maging high profile make-up artist. kami muna. :o)

    yeebah! one busy saturday (sana hindi traffic ang edsa.. tough wish!) after babywear/sudden make over (pretty please) at citisec seminar naman.

    see you pretty moms ♥

    see you!

  • chrissykringle says:

    see you tomorow!! 🙂 much excited!

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