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June 25, 2011 § 3 Comments

Two months ago, Laya is scared of dogs & hate sands. Now look at these pictures 🙂

Laya & Luna (that's Luna licking Laya)

playing with sands

When we went to Australia last summer, there’s a pet dog in the backyard of my sister in law Ellen’s house.  Luna, the dog (more pigly than dogly though as he never barked but sometimes snorts) is Josh’s pet (Josh is Laya’s favorite cousin, right Josh?). Thinking Laya would be interested and that this is a good chance to teach her to say ‘aww aww aww’ I had her stay in the backyard with me but I think Luna was too enthusiastic and it scared Laya.  For a long time she was really scared and would not even let Luna touch any part of her, not even her toes. And when Luna goes near the screen door she’d really go away, she doesnt even allow Luna to look at her hahaha exagg.  Towards the end of our trip Didda tried to slowly make Laya and Luna friends and he was successful, how successful? Here check out this Laya & Luna album, you can see how comfortable Laya was, she was even allowing Luna to keep licking her face (a lot of times before John, Ellen’s hubby, got the camera and a lot more during). Ahh di naman bawal ito noh? baka ma TV Patrol kami. I was really grossed out but I figured letting Luna lick her face wont cause her harm but would in fact take her dog fear away. True enough, friends na sila, she would even say Luna-na-na-na na when we about to leave Oz na.

Next kwento Laya hated the sand, Boracay super fine white sands na yan. There goes my building sandcastle plans…

she do not like the sand at all

We kept trying, a month and a half after, we got this shot, she needs to be washed with water so sand wont stick to her hands and feet.

sand furniture

Last May we went to El Nido again she wouldnt want her feet touching the sand, except when the sand is hard na.  Dunno how, but Didda, I think kept playing with her and the next time I saw them, she is playing with sands already.

Whenever I tell people Laya do not like sands I am always told that’s normal. I assumed that it is really normal but at the back of our head, we were kinda scared something is wrong. We know kasi somebody who was scared of sand yung pala she have sensory perception problem. Kaya for others sands was no big deal but for me it was kinda a yardstick and seeing her finally enjoy sand gave us a sigh of relief 🙂

Wala lang, share share lang. I think tama si Tiger Mom, you just need to push the kids and not protect them too much so they can soar. I believe how a child grows up to be rest solely on the way the parents brought them up.

Case in point. I remember Kite when she was little. She had tooth problem and after going to the dentist because her two front teeth hurt, we told her no more candies and for a year or two she didn’t have any, no struggle at all, she’d would not even take it if candy is offered. I was so proud of her and was thinking wow super galing pala ng daughter ko she knows naman what is right and wrong so I bought her sugar free lollipop from one of the health store… opps stupid me.  She went back to eating candy after that, of course I explained sugar free candy but wala too late na I broke the bawal barrier and yun na the wall crumbled. Yes yes I know I know na so dumb of me… hay hindsight 20-20. Ayun that really confirms na mga bata at mga mali ng bata caused by parents yan.

§ 3 Responses to of Dogs & Sands

  • I love the signature!!! Lyla too doesn’t like sand — parang nandidiri. We haven’t tried again and haven’t been pushy too last summer kasi siguro di ko pa naririnig yang “sensory perception” problem. Ngayong narinig ko na, and after reading this entry, I know there’s still nothing to worry about. Thanks Benz!

  • kendznilui says:

    nd ko makita yung album ni laya with luna! super na-excite pa naman ako lol

    parang nakakatuwa na maging parent. wonder if we (lui and i) will be good parents like you guys!

    • BenzRana says:

      ayan naka open to everyone na yung album. maawa ka kay Laya para siyang na abuse ni Luna sa dami ng lick.

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