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June 28, 2011 § 12 Comments

I have always loved drinking bottled milk and chocolate milk. I remember the taste of Chocolait when it was still called ChocoVim. (It tasted like cocoa of Happy Lemon)

When the kid’s pedia knew we were going to Australia she said naku ang sarap ng gatas doon. Hay true nga, I can drink a liter a day if I don’t stop myself. The milk supply of Jea & Josh was easily gone because of me (Sorry Sudarios!). When we came back I wanted Kite to drink fresh milk; our pedia also told us na me and Didda should drink a glass of non fat milk everyday. Also I want to let Laya taste fresh milk na din. So off I go in my search of milk that will be delivered to us regularly. I found 2 brands that has delivery in our area and tried them both.

First I tried was Milkman’s whole milk (P180/2 liter; service and response is quick which I appreciate so much) I like their milk. Next I tried Holly’s Milk – chocolate milk (P110/liter), whole milk (P100/liter) and non fat milk (P100/liter).  I like Holly’s whole milk a bit better mas creamy eh, even their non fat tasted like fresh milk so happy ako, but Kite & I found their choco milk too sweet! Since I like their milk better I immediately re ordered for the next delivery. But I noticed the fresh milk has a tinge of sour taste a day or two after opening the bottle. So I reduce my next order to try it again.  Sadly it is the same case.  According to the distributor of Holly’s Milk we should put the milk in the coldest part not too near the ref door. So that’s what I did on their 2nd delivery but still there’s a tinge of sour taste the day after we opened a bottle which scares eh. I think maybe our ref is too small and too puno? This reminds me of why I stopped buying Hacienda Macalauan, it always spoils on me, even the small bottle, sometimes even when I consumed it the day I bought it 😦 of all the yogurt I tried theirs is the yummiest too.

I went back to Milkman and this time tried their choco milk too. Am happy that their choco milk is not as sweet and their whole milk doesn’t spoil so fast too. Problem now is their milk comes in 2 liter container which Kite can’t finish, which mean I cant order non fat for us or we’d have too much milk. Am now working out our consumption so I can place my weekly order. Another problem is I gained so much weigh since we started having fresh milk at home, but the good thing is Kite now drinks milk everyday.

For San Juan area delivery:

Holly’s Milk

Romy & Marissa Montoya

571.2498 ; 0915.1948417

delivers every Thursday & Saturday (I dont like the schedule parang the gap from Sat to Thurs is too long)



delivers every Wednesday and Sunday (I like their schedule)

Disclosure ulit: nothing to disclose. Paid for my milk in full and has nothing to do with the sellers. Warning lang: kakataba!

§ 12 Responses to Fresh Milk

  • Hi Benz! Would you know if their milk came from cows or carabaos? Thanks for these infos! Very useful especially for those who cook and bake need fresh milk. 🙂

  • Jenny says:

    i love holly’s. maybe it is the transport of the milk from batangas to manila? if you get the chance, try also mr. moo’s i love their milk!! they have cow, carabao and goat’s milk –> all of which N has tried. btw, why don’t you let kite drink non-fat milk also? kase AAP recommends kids past 2 should take 2% fat milk na.

  • BenzRana says:

    Jenny, dunno what’s wrong if sa batangas to manila eh bat ok naman as soon as we open it. next day or two pa nagkaka sourness.

    Yeah I always buy sa Mr Moo if we go Tagaytay then buys Gatas Pinoy naman pag Los Banos.

    I am thinking of buying Non Fat na for Kite but paano si Laya and fresh milk for her? Kaloka diba??? Also am trying to make Kite love milk muna bago ko siya ilipat sa non fat.

    • Jenny says:

      ok. wait a couple of months. when laya turns 2 then you can shift to low fat.. meanwhile, diet ka muna on other stuff. hahaha!

  • nagtakam tuloy ako while reading your post, mama benz. i suddenly remembered ung magnolia fresh milk, chocolate and melon milk during the 80s-90s i think. ung as in bottle talaga with blue text. re sour milk, baka too puno rin your ref kaya the coolness doesn’t get to the milk. my parent’s ref was always filled with food kaya when you open the ref, the cold air doesn’t get around equally and the food gets spoiled.

    thanks for the milk info! i’ll keep these for future reference.

    • BenzRana says:

      Hi Patty,

      Yum yum we had delivery of milk today sarap hahaha 🙂
      Yeah I love Magnolia’s Choco Vim before then yung nasa bottle na babasagin na chocolait kaso nung plastic bottle na parang may after taste na eh.

      Re Holly’s Milk that turns sour, yeah I think dahil di kaya ng ref namin and mas sensitive yung milk nila, kasi yung MilkMan’s milk puno din ref namin but it doesnt turn sour naman.

      Sige let me know if you tried both Milkman’s & Holly’s ha.

      Yumyum milk!

  • roche says:

    Loved Hacienda Macalauan’s milk then. Yummy! Kaya lang the 7-11 carrying it, nagkakamali sila ng storage. Naja-limang beses na akong bumili sa 7-11 na spoiled yung milk. Nagpapatay kasi sila ng ref kaya napapanis agad. If I can find HM na delivery or maayos ang storage, I’d buy again.

  • […] (50% sugar, anybody tried it with 0%sugar? how was it?) not cocoa anymore kasi we have chocomilk at home for Kite and always nakikinom ako. I tried Gong Cha in MOA (addict diba? Went all the way […]

  • candishhh says:

    I SUPER LOVE MILK! I order from MilkMan twice a week! Hehehehe… 1whole and 2chocos!! 🙂 Same pala tayo!! Hihi…

    I discovered MilkMan 2010 lang nga eh, sana earlier!! hehehehe…

  • Ann Sayoc says:

    hi, the milkman fb link is not working.. and the number you provided lacks 1 number.. do you have their complete contact details? thanks!

    • BenzRana says:

      Thanks Ann for this, edited the number & the fb link na. He was able pala to get the name na kaya mali na what I posted earlier. 🙂

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