Babywear Meet 2 – the aftermath

July 4, 2011 § 11 Comments

Whew! We just had the Babywear Meet 2 last Saturday and until now am still catching my breath. It was a smashing success! So successful that it was close to being an epic fail. (The size was big but not too big that it became a failure but it was this close already so we are really feeling lucky.)

Back story muna before I kwento how it went. We had Babywear Meet 1 last April 2 (at the same venue) and had so fun we just had to do it again.

Babywear Meet 1 - April 2

left to right: Charmaine & Cameron; Susan; Pat & JackJack; Me & Laya; JenCC; Abbie; Jenny; will research her name & Maricar with Joaquin)

I think it is because Babywear Meet 2 was planned early that’s why there’s so many who heard about it. A week or so before Jenny and I were chatting na mukhang madaming pupunta and we were excited and happy and decided we will do pocket demo para faster ang pace and smaller ang grouping thus mas may chance of learning.  Then a few days before Jenny said yung RSVP sa FB page ba totoo kasi if totoo nasa 54 na ang yes.  Ayun we kinda started prepping ourselves in case na totoo.

Here’s what happened.

We started when there were about 15 moms there na, Jenny explained the different kinds of carriers and introduced the makers/owners of the different carriers. Then off they go to help and explain to mommies how the carrier works. People started coming in at this point and just joined the groupings or bunching up of people. Me? I was worried and tensed on what Starbucks will do.

See the guard? He stayed for a few minutes probably contemplating how to kick us out. And this happened when maybe 60% pa lang of the people where there so it was more chaotic pa after this.

early during the day

chaotic na

Those who were late please see the picture to know who’s who na lang. I think 75% didnt catch them being introduced eh. (click photo to know more about their products)

Denise of IndigoBaby

Pam of BosomBuddy

JenCC of Next9

Buding of SaYa Carrier

Jonie of Mamaway

Abbie (nakatalikod) Maya Wrap distributor & Velvet of Arugaan

Jenny of Mama.Baby.Love and wife of Stan Ong of Stork Studio

Elai, The Painter's Wife assisting mommies

Cats, Kraze Kitch bakeshop assisting mommies too

It was so much fun! But sadly graduate na kami sa Starbucks, we need to find a new place na.

Class Picture

supportive daddies

wedding meets parenthood

we did it, guys! until the next one 🙂

Yes, we will have another one and will plan it better this time.

Those who went and would like to give their input, comments & suggestions kindly leave a comment here or thru my FB account or email me at benzcorana at gmail dot com.

Thank you everyone for making it so much fun last Saturday 🙂

Read more about the event at:

Babywearing Goes Boom!


This babywearing mom is not alone!

DaintyMom was at the 2nd Babywearing Meet!

Babywearing, Cymplified!

(pls send me link if you know of any)

Am planning a mommy event that is not just babywearing or brestfeeding but for mommies and daddies this time. Will just sit down first and list everything we learned from this one then plot the next activity. If you have ideas please send them our way.

Share ko lang kasi I was asked eh:

If I may ask – what did you accomplish from the meet?  Is it more like a social thing – support/advocacy thing or is it a place for vendors to sell their stuff or is it both or is it more like an extension on N@W like a n@w related event?  Sorry for the questions.

My goal is to help those who haven’t decided if babywearing is for them or not, for them to know the answer; also to those who have but havent used it to be able to use it na; and to those who are using na like me to explore other kinds if they are interested too. More on to connect the like minded mommies together lang.  If the sellers get to sell am happy for them but di yun ang ultimate goal, but that would be a very nice bonus. I dont get anything but happy lang to connect kasi it is SO easy or me to link them up.  User ako and I know what I want and I assume others want the same too kaya I just base it on myself, then may network na at the same time may nawies. Though this is more of  the FB world (kasi those who came and made it possible were friends of friends na) than n@w but it is me being a nawie that pushes me to do this so for me para sa n@w  ito.

Who chooses who are the invited sellers.

For this one and the previous one wala, whoever na kilala ng mga friends and friends of friends, it is an open invite to all we just bugged those brands we love to go kasi nga we believe in them.  Basta criteria lang is to go and share the love of babywear, not to go and sell.

Who is the organizer?

Hmm Me, Jenny, Abbie, JenCC & Charmaine started the first one. We were pushing thru with it maski kaming 5 lang but we ended up with more.. and the rest they say is history.

That’s all. Will add na lang if there’s more.


§ 11 Responses to Babywear Meet 2 – the aftermath

  • cai says:

    *commented on the wrong post.. ulit.

    I was there… outside Starbucks looking for a parking space! But wala.. so we turned around na lang. Please please have another babywearing meet/event!

    Btw, I was the one you gave your stash of Earth’s Best food jars from the LLL meeting. I just want to say Thank You again.

  • Jenny says:

    thanks benz! will share!! let us plan the next one “more properly”. hahahaha!

  • Alma says:

    I was there pero my baby was sleepy kaya cranky and I was able to try the saya lang (thanks Jenny for the assistance). Would love to attend another Babywearing meet up. It was great to see nawies. I just went ahead and introduced myself, otherwise, wala akong makakausap dahil informal nga and no introduction (I was a bit late din). It was great that there were lots of choices (saya, puch, sling, etc).

    • BenzRana says:

      Hi Alma, yeah common comment was di nagkakilalanan but di kaya eh, we had so much to do with so little time. We could have waited and start when mas madaming tao but that’s wasting time din so we went ahead na early on habol na lang mga late. Next time we will try to see how we can make it better pa.

  • Racquel says:

    Ohhh…wish I knew so I cud’ve attended :). Please let me know about the next one.

  • […] The event was organized by a handful of expert moms and babywearers, including Benz Rana (who was responsible for the BW1 meet in April), Jen Tan of next9, Abbie Yabut (of the Maya Wrap), and breastfeeding advocate Jenny Ong. (Benz wrote about the genesis of the BW meets here.) […]

  • Hana says:

    Hi! Please let me know when the next meet is. I was able to buy a Saya Carrier from Denise during the Mommy Expo in Rockwell last April. Would love to get more tips on how to use it with ease and also meet other mommies who are into babywearing.


  • […] Babywear Meet 2 – the aftermath […]

  • […] near the metal rings so the shoulder won’t be beat up. Our picture was even on one of the organizer’s blog post. Hehe!   I thought the ring sling was a tad too complicated for me and I’m scared that if I […]

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