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I dont remember husband Abet telling me about Pranjetto before but I heard him say he wanted to bring us there on Pinoy Scooter Podcast so it was one of those we-will-do-that-one-of-these-day-thing. That day came this morning. Backgrounder. Pranjetto Hills is a place in Tanay Rizal where they usually ride, it is sort of like a Baguio-in-Manila place view of the mountain range (Sierra Madre) then cool weather, as he’d say ‘di mo maiisip ang lapit mo lang sa Manila’ I was sold on the view and the weather. This is also usually where new rides try out rides before going on a longer trip.

On with my kwento: we had a jampacked Saturday so it was easy to sleep early Saturday night.Β  We left for Rizal at 7:45am.Β  IT was: Kanlungan – Dra. Asanza (buy milk); Sierra Madre Hotel (Tapang Usa); Pranjetto (Zorb); Camp Papinpin (Erap’s mansion); Regina Rica; Carmel of Mary Star of the Sea.

This IT was formed by reading lang comments from our FB Friends: Thanks to Eduardo Gemino, whose comment about the fresh milk, started the urge to go already; Ann Cruz & Mimi Lazaro for all the tips and Len for the photos of her trips here.

Photoblog of our mini outing:

Didda's Mountain

That is his favorite sight daw so I claim it to be Didda’s Mountain!

Sierra Madre Hotel

ate at Pranjetto Hills (P140 lang yan)

stayed a bit muna (was supposed to meet Ann but wasnt able to damn the phone signal there)

went to Erap's mansion (not worth visiting just for that but a nice place to go to if you are in the area)

First Stop - Erap's Museum and Archives

Saw Len's album and John said he wanted a picture here; Uriel said magdadala daw siya ng barong, eh di siya kasama so si Abet na lang ang may picture.

Next stop: The Lagoon where Erap receives visitor

Next Stop: Erap's Private Quarters

Another stop: Fishing Village

After touring Erap’s Placewe went to see Regina Rica.

Then off we went to find a place for lunch and to buy milk.

Was sppose to eat Tapang usa at Sierra Madre Hotel but we didnt want to wake Kite & Laya ‘s soundly. So we just went to look for Kanlungan, but they have no milk daw as the cows are resting muna, maybe at the end of the month na.

Kanlungan. You have to ask where this place is, there's no sign. This is near Sierra Madre Hotel around 5mins drive.

Things we saw along the way:

falling boulders you mean! scary.

pasampay muna

I love sceneries and I wished Sierra Madre was more visible, kinda like how the scenery is on the way to Ilocos, lahat maganda! Here kasi there’s so many talahib so you cant fully appreciate the mountain ranges. Except here…

peeping tom

So I got this shot πŸ™‚

Hay would love to have a place with such a view! Maski a friend's place para makiki punta na lang kami. (Uriel!)

We had lunch at Grilla in Antipolo and Laya thoroughly enjoyed the playground! Oh what a joy to see a child laughing and having so much fun!

ayaw umalis sa playground

We had a fun family day πŸ™‚ Pag uwi tulog kami!

§ 9 Responses to Pranjetto

  • Mommy Fleur says:

    Benz! I was supposed to go there too last Saturday kasi may iaabot sana ako for you =) Kaso lang I didnt expect na super traffic! Quarter to 12 nasa south super highway palang ako eh diba until 12 lang kayo =c Di na kami nina Anika tumuloy..

    Next time! Hope to meet you soon! =)

  • khim says:

    akala ko nung naiyak si laya ayaw sa carseat na naman. un pala ayaw alis sa playground…

  • cai says:

    I was there… outside Starbucks looking for a parking space! But wala.. so we turned around na lang. 😦 Please please have another babywearing meet/event!

    Btw, I was the one you gave your stash of Earth’s Best food jars from the LLL meeting. I just want to say Thank You again. πŸ˜€

  • Hi Ms Benz! Buti nakita niyo yung Kanlungan ni Dra. Asanza, she’s an old friend of mine way back pa ng Snap Election ’86. Kanlungan shelters abused women in that place, they teach alternative medicine, organic farming, candle-making etc. Sayang di ko nabasa message sa kin ni Abet, maaga kasi kong natulog for the fun run. Padadaanin ko sana kayo dito sa amin as Pililla, pinya season kasi, price ranges from P10 to P20 lang at may masarap na cocojam at bottled salsa dito. Nice blog!!!

    • BenzRana says:

      Hi Ed,
      Yes nagtanong lang kami saan yun tsaka yun yung nag motivate sa akin para pumunta eh yung gatas hehehe. Sayang wala atat pa naman ako. Di bale mauulit itong lakad sa tingin ko.
      Salamat ulit!

  • len says:

    Nice blog mama Benz…saya no? gustong gusto ko din dyan sa mga lugar na yan kasi malamig! minsan nag riride lang din kami scooter dyan.

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