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July 7, 2011 § 8 Comments

Hay have you ever read a blog where the ALL of that blogger’s opinion you agree with or even share? Am a follower of a lot of blogs (hmm not that many naman wala pang 8 yung talagang alam ko lahat lahat ng content at nabasa ko buong blog) but I don’t agree with ALL thoughts and opinion but with Topaz girl hay am so agreeing with everything and the more I read her blog the more nagiging fan ako. I started with TopazMommy, hay super relate ako syempre. Some of my opinions na realize ko lang after reading hers (gets niyo? parang magulo basta!), eh natapos ko na yung TopazMommy so I moved to TopazHorizon, I started the present am now on Jan 2011 (you know the feeling of watching telenobela in dvd and you feel part ka na nila kasi you spend so much time watching? kinda ganyan feeling ko kasi I am spending hours reading her blog everynight while feeding Laya, I actually feel like a stalker but am calling myself a fan lang) and am so so so a fan na I just had to express how much I love her blog! One of these days I will go back to her blog and comment (na feel ko sarap ng may comment sa blog so I assume she’d want that too but then my blog is not in her league so baka no big deal na din sa kanya ang comments… but am too busy reading up na di na ako nag cocomment but while reading at the back of my mind I want to stand up and blog and say yes yes what she said is so true and I agree so much! also hirap mag comment via mobile) She is so honest and she writes so nicely. Hay the more I know her thru her blog the more I am so impressed.  Hay if only am not in a hurry I would link all the blog entries na I agree with.  Basta super fan ako! If my blog gets as famous as hers (am not sure I want that as she just said nawawala yung voice niya as the blog get popular) I hope am I as nice as her… ha! di pa famous blog ko eh di na ako as nice eh. oh well will keep reading and hopefully I channel her niceness.  I also know the nice person sa blog is not 100% her syempre she wouldnt show naman her not so nice side but I am realistic and I can smell a nasty person a mile away so I know she is nice. I find her so pretty too!

Am just so happy she is getting such big breaks in her life as she said nga she worked hard for all of this and I so agree and am happy the universe is giving her such a charmed life now. Throwing good vibes and wishes to you Frances!

Yun lang. Fan post lang. Ha ha am actually thinking if I should post this or not. Have several friends who are her friends am dyahe if this gets to her. Di ako ready!

Let’s see if I post this or not. Laya will be the one to decide, if she lets me finish this or if she cries and I stop.


Read Vince’s writing re Frances & their baby now I wish there’s a TopazDaddy or TopazHubby, that would make so many girls swoon! Am not so into gadget but let’s see if I’d be interested in his blog too.

§ 8 Responses to I am a fan :)

  • chingcheese says:

    benz! n@wie here! 🙂 thanks for posting her link, now i have a new blog to follow. i super love blog hopping and yours is one i find super entertaining too. totoong totoo. 🙂 cheers!

    • BenzRana says:

      aaww thanks for liking my blog and for writing to tell me 🙂 katuwa. see you if we have a naw eb/meet up?

      • ching says:

        yep yep! though not this saturday pa. hehehe. medyo shy nga ako kasi it seems the active girls in naw are the mommies, di pa ko mom! hehehe. anyway will surely join sa next basta walang ibang pupuntahan. *giddy*

  • I’m blushing. =)

    Thanks for loving my blogs! I pour my heart and soul on those blogs and it’s nice to know another person in this great big universe understands and accepts me just the way I am. God bless you and your family!

    • BenzRana says:

      Oh Frances… acck am happy and embarrassed you saw this. when I made this half of me wanted you to discover it and know and somehow make you happy your blog is appreciated; on the other hand, ayaw ko din na shy ako. When Fleur emailed me to tell me she emailed you I still was not sure. But thanks for leaving a message! Do continue blogging!

      Question: how does it feel when a complete stranger knows so much about you? doesnt it feel creepy and like being stalked at? how do you edit how much to share? kasi when you share you have people who like your blog in mind diba? but it is not always the case there are just people out there who reads even when they dont like you, worst some people who hates make sure they readpa nga. does it ever stop you? any security fear? yours kasi is a personal blog and about you and your family eh.

  • Michelle says:

    i love her too!! i feel like we’re long lost friends. hahaha. 🙂

  • I just discovered her blog recently, and feeling-stalker din ako. I’m still not finished back tracking Topaz Horizon, pero basta, I’m so happy I found her blog. Parang ‘gem’ na you stumble upon.

    Whenever I read Topaz Horizon I feel the “spread the good vibes” theme ng blog nya.

    After that, Topaz Mommy naman 🙂

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