Milk Tea Craze

July 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

Last week I stayed in Starbucks while I wait for my photocopy orders in Ashcreek and when I saw their new product Sesame Green Tea Frap, which I love, I realized how long it’s been since I wanted to go to Starbucks. Hmm seems like the milktea craze is affecting them (hahah natawa ako sa ka feelingan ko! feeling ko I represent the world).

Hay I can’t seem to get enough of Happy Lemon. My milktea craze started with Serenitea always Royal Milk Tea with Pearls (usually 20% sugar, minsan 0%, minsan 50%) I also love their spicy corn, spicy tofu and potato rounds. I actually prefer the Royal Milk Tea of Bubble Tea but I find them too expensive and also they dont deliver so Serenitea ako madalas.  Then I discover Happy Lemon’s Cocoa with RockSalt& Cheese (50% sugar, will try 0% next time). Hay am so addicted there was a time I have it or maybe 5 days in a week. Taba galore! Nowadays I take GreenTea with RockSalt&Cheese (50% sugar, anybody tried it with 0%sugar? how was it?) not cocoa anymore kasi we have chocomilk at home for Kite and always nakikinom ako. I tried Gong Cha in MOA (addict diba? Went all the way to MOA with miktea addict friend Kendz & Jenki); then a few days ago I tried ChaTime hmm nothing comes close pa din to Happy Lemon.

Hay yun lang. Just had Happy Lemon a few hours ago. Yum!

Disclosure: am hoping ma catch attention ng Happy Lemon at sponsoran ang aking everyday RockSalt&Cheese drink 🙂 yan full disclosure yan!





§ 4 Responses to Milk Tea Craze

  • jenkifer says:

    hooray for milk tea addicts!!! 😀

  • cai says:

    I actually drove to GH just to try Happy Lemon. I tried Bubble Tea, Serenitea and Chatime already. But I was a sad lemon.. didn’t try the RockSalt and Cheese. I tried their Roasted Milk Tea. Chatime/serenitea is better and their sago is small.

  • candishhh says:

    I used to be super loyal to Serenitea (I had it once a week while I was pregnant!! Ganoon ako ka-addict!), then after my gelai – I was introduced to Chatime! Tamang tama they deliver to my area, so ayun – nakalimutan ko nalang ang Serenitea!

    Happy Lemon is okay, yun lang I don’t like my milk teas – savoury! Hihi…

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