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July 19, 2011 § 8 Comments

The past weeks or so I have been having so much fun shopping via facebook. So much fun that I was scammed by a seller (the amount is negligible but the feeling that I was ripped remain sour). To erase that annoying memory am sharing the great finds from my facebook shopping.

My favorite is from Wee + Mutsi (N@Wie Michelle’s shop)

flip & tumble

so easy to pack away

so hard to choose a color

got a mini bag for Kite too

flip & tumble mini

we also got the scrunch bucket from this site.

we have been looking for a tabo to bring to our travels and this is the best answer so far, although its use needs practice since the bucket collapse but it is workable naman. di naman kasing tama dalhin namin stackable cups ni Laya kung di siya kasama :)p

how to collapse it

got this one too but havent had the chance to use it yet, still waiting for our high chair

Next favorite would be Swim Ways floaters

papasan = love

got this for Laya, ok naman but not as great as papasan

Also got Gap PJs for Laya from Martina’s Corner



The mojos from Kyma’s Corner is not bad too, not exactly like mojos but pwede na.

Of course Milkman who delivers to our house twice a week.

Am excitedly waiting for Got several shirts from Chen’s Corner (N@Wie Sheryl’s shop)

Vespa shirt

And eyeing the ff for my next shopping. (unless magalit ang asawa pag nabasa niyo ito)

From MyBaby Onlineshoppe (dunno them so takot pa muna ako bumili, sayang sale pa naman ito now, anybody who knows them?)

From Wee + Mutsi

as soon as I find the need I will buy na

more flip & tumble bags (which colors kaya?) also the produce bags

and another papasan, super agawan sa papasan eh

picking color for the next one, probably the white and blue

Do you also have your fave FB shop? Share? hmm dont share na lang? No, no please share πŸ™‚

DISCLOSURE: I paid for all items posted in this page.

§ 8 Responses to Online FB Shopping

  • Jenny says:

    benz!!! you are funny!!! but yes, i know what you mean with online shopping. i love it even more if may gcash option kase super bilis ng transaction. my most recent purchase were items from ilog maria which i bought friday night and received yesterday πŸ˜€

    • BenzRana says:

      Jenny, yeah ang bilis noh? mas mura pa. but na mimiss ko din yung titingin tingin then pipili ka muna haha

  • cai says:

    temptation! lots of nice things online. good thing (or bad?) that I dont have FB or else!… birthday party muna ni Y..

    i want the bowl with spoon n fork! how much did u buy it for? thanks!

  • Michelle says:

    Hi Benz, N@wie Michelle here. Thanks so much for blogging about your purchases from Wee+Mutsi! Hope to see you in our next Expo on August 13, 2011 at the Rockwell Tent! πŸ™‚

  • BenzRana says:


    Yehey will go will pick more Flip&Tumble bags πŸ™‚



  • Jen says:

    Hi Benz,
    Which site did you buy the Scrunch Bucket? Can’t find hehehe..:-) And how much is it? πŸ™‚

  • Michelle says:

    hi jen, you can get the scrunch buckets from wee+mutsi on FB or you can visit our stall at the all about baby bazaar this saturday at the rockwell tent. hope to see you there πŸ™‚

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