July 26, 2011 § 3 Comments

The itch for another tatt has been with me for quite some time. Then I got pregnant so had to put it on hold then I was busy with a newborn and now that she is one am once again itching to get one.

Problem is I dont know what yet and I dont know where pa.

Our first is soooo faded na it is so lame already.

Didda's (left shoulder) & Mine (right shoulder)

Who are the recommended tattoo artist? Saan kaya ako pa tattoo? Ano kaya palagay ko? Should I choose the infrared ones?

I like something like Angelina Jolie yung map coordinates of her kids.

Before I wanted to have this sana…

But with Laya now, parang di na pwede ito.

Hmmm any idea?

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