Online FB Shopping

July 19, 2011 § 8 Comments

The past weeks or so I have been having so much fun shopping via facebook. So much fun that I was scammed by a seller (the amount is negligible but the feeling that I was ripped remain sour). To erase that annoying memory am sharing the great finds from my facebook shopping.

My favorite is from Wee + Mutsi (N@Wie Michelle’s shop)

flip & tumble

so easy to pack away

so hard to choose a color

got a mini bag for Kite too

flip & tumble mini

we also got the scrunch bucket from this site.

we have been looking for a tabo to bring to our travels and this is the best answer so far, although its use needs practice since the bucket collapse but it is workable naman. di naman kasing tama dalhin namin stackable cups ni Laya kung di siya kasama :)p

how to collapse it

got this one too but havent had the chance to use it yet, still waiting for our high chair

Next favorite would be Swim Ways floaters

papasan = love

got this for Laya, ok naman but not as great as papasan

Also got Gap PJs for Laya from Martina’s Corner



The mojos from Kyma’s Corner is not bad too, not exactly like mojos but pwede na.

Of course Milkman who delivers to our house twice a week.

Am excitedly waiting for Got several shirts from Chen’s Corner (N@Wie Sheryl’s shop)

Vespa shirt

And eyeing the ff for my next shopping. (unless magalit ang asawa pag nabasa niyo ito)

From MyBaby Onlineshoppe (dunno them so takot pa muna ako bumili, sayang sale pa naman ito now, anybody who knows them?)

From Wee + Mutsi

as soon as I find the need I will buy na

more flip & tumble bags (which colors kaya?) also the produce bags

and another papasan, super agawan sa papasan eh

picking color for the next one, probably the white and blue

Do you also have your fave FB shop? Share? hmm dont share na lang? No, no please share 🙂

DISCLOSURE: I paid for all items posted in this page.

Travel Kwento: El Nido Palawan

July 16, 2011 § 3 Comments

Oh I love traveling so much, as much as eating (and that’s saying a lot) 🙂 Since we are off to a trip to Los Banos am quite in a vacation mood now.

This is a repost from my traveling kwento in N@W. This is the latest trip we took with our travel buddies Kuya Fol, Leslie and their kids Gio & Paulo. We’ve traveled quite often with them, we’ve been to Kota Kinabalu, Bellarocca, Ilocos, Banawe and Baler, we travel well together since our firstborn are of similar age and are too similar in taste and preference. Here’s hoping for more travel with them. Bohol, Amanpulo, Europe, Egypt, Turkey and USA.

We took the Deal Grocer Promo P15k per person for 2N stay in El Nido Lagen (Seafront Rooms) ohh I love the room so much!

This is our second time in El Nido Resorts but the first time kasi we stayed for 2 nights tapos return flight namin was lunchtime so we barely had time and felt so rushed and so unrelaxed kasi nga parang gusto kong sulitin yung bayad so ratrat sa activities. Kaya this time we took an extra night para may chillax time naman and besides we have a baby with us too so we had to put that into consideration.

Since the Deal Grocer deal was just 2 nights we booked an extra night at Miniloc so sila kuya would experience both resorts (also mas mura sa Miniloc din kasi)

more info re the rates: yung Deal Grocer deal namin no activities included so if we want to go anywhere even to Miniloc lang we have to pay P1000/person, si Laya lang free so anywhere we go P7000 agad yun, included sa deal grocer was a 1hr massage & daily buffet breakfast for 2 pax. Yung Miniloc naman namin no breakfast but activities are free.

back story muna: Lagen when we went there last 2007 hmm iba yung feeling parang cold and isolated at parang walang life; whereas Miniloc where we stayed last time is so comfy and full of life so medyo cold ako sa idea to go Lagen kaso sila Leslie nag-aya, and it is always fun to be with their family, also I know when we come back from Oz Laya’s yaya wont be back pa so this trip will make taking care of Laya a lot easier. Iba ang taking care of Laya out of town/country compared to just being home, super iba!

We fitted our travel date to their flight sched. We took the date where we can get the earliest flight out and latest flight back.
May 29 730am flight – we needed to be in ITI (El Nido’s chartered plane’s hangar) at 630 so talagang aga nito. We got to El Nido resort by 1030am, rooms arent ready yet so we were asked if we want to stay or go Miniloc for lunch and stay there till 1pm then transfer to Lagen when our rooms are ready na (free na yung trip if ever we choose this) or go Lagen and have lunch and wait there for the rooms to be ready. We took Miniloc. Lunch either ala carte or buffet. Ala carte are reasonable and food is yummy; buffet is P1000/pax for adults and P650/child. Ala carte food like adobo is at P350; cheeseburger at P400; red curry pork P350 yata or P400 yummy ito. We took buffet for the kids kasi natatakam sila then a bit na lang idagdag from ala carte. Some of the adult took ala carte some took buffet. Mga nag ala carte nagnanakaw na lang sa food ng mga nag buffet hehehe. After lunch and before lunch the kids played in the beach and sand area. Kami chillax lang sa eating area kasi overlooking the beach part and sarap ng hangin etc. Also it was drizzling a bit bec of Chedeng and have been raining daw the past 5 days wahhh

After lunch we moved to Lagen and went straight to nap hahaha ang aga kasi ng gising, the bigger kids full of energy nag  swimming na. We met up around 6pm for dinner. Again some took buffet some took ala carte, menu in Lagen is exactly same as in Miniloc.

Wala relax lang sa room after dinner, sila Kuya nag drinks pa sa bar, the kids all stayed and played in our room lang.

view ng room

interior ng room

Day 2: we had the beach lunch and island tour. 2 activities ito but they charge us once na lang for the banca (although we paid buffet price for the lunch). Super ok yung Dibuluan Beach Club (except if you like to swim kasi biglang lalim sa beach, since di kmi nagswim nag wade wade and sand sand lang ok na ok ito) kasi may cabana sila na super sarap tambayan see the pic

this is what we paid for

hay super luxury talaga tapos ang sarap pa ng hangin and this place is really nice kasi may sand bar pa na mahaba talaga sarap din mag kayak tapos may clean cr where you can wash and shower.

sand bar

see how long yung sand bar? kuya is just half way here taking our pictures

The island tour is no big deal we were suppose to go to 2 caves then to snake island (a sand bar) nyeks eh nicer pa yung sand bar sa Dibuluan tapos yung cave hohum lang kasi sa labas ka lang pakita lang. Ok na din para maka balik na agad sa resort to swim sa pool and chill. We skipped the other cave kasi may shooting daw, we can take it the next day na lang daw sa umaga… no thanks rather sleep. We just saw Cathedral Cave and what you see in the picture is what we saw din lang, daan lang tapos tinapat yung banca then picture picture that’s it na.

Cathedral Cave

Back to Lagen nag swimming na lang and ordered food sa poolside. Enjoy yung pool kasi di salt water kaso nadapa ako while carrying Laya. Sa sobra kong protect na she wont get hurt mas grabe yung impact sa akin, I scrapped my knees na kita na yung white and bleed ng bleed. Ouch tignan but I kept waiting for the super pain to arrive wala naman, di grabe yung pain so ok na din, and na-imagine ko buti di si Kite she is so squeamish and also just glad nothing happened to Laya. Yun nga lang bad trip kasi how will I swim na. Oh well, just happy the 2 kids are ok and it could have happened na Kite is the one carrying Laya then nadulas diyos ko I can’t imagine anong mangyari either grabe ang injury nila or possible ma drown sila kasi poolside ako na slip or inis kami kay Kite for not being careful… ah basta was just cringing when I remember what happened then thankful the next second.

pool picture

papasan floater

super love this Papasan floater (the one Kite is using, super chillax yan, will buy one more kasi nag aagawan kami diyan)  saw this sa facebook, asked for discount and he gave me 30% off, so I got them at P1200 yata

Day 3: move to Miniloc Day. So free na activities namin today. We had the beach lunch at Entalula beach club. Nice yung beach kasi mababaw maski malayo na. Yun nga lang walang cabana na sing ganda ng Dibuluan, yung cabana namin walang ka hangin hangin imagine the init! hay naku di happy. Buti na lang maganda yung beach. The place is bigger or maybe dahil madami ding tao yung cabana namin medyo malayo so kakatamad to go, even to hingi water or cr or do anything, add pa na may sugat ako. But the beach is nice kasi sand is white and fine and wala masyadong corals or bato so kids can play talaga.


After Entalula we go na to Miniloc ready na room namin, the Lagen people brought our luggages na din there. This is our chill day. We had drinks sa beach side and just enjoyed the place. We saw na yung room namin maganda yung labas, sarap tambayan

Miniloc Seaview Room facade

Interior of the room

2nd floor

view of our room

Seaview Rooms (those on the right are for 2 pax; the ones on the left are with 2nd floor good for 4 pax)

We had room service for dinner. Same price as ala carte if mas mahal man minimal lang kasi di ko napansin. Kids meal pala nila na ala carte is P200 lang.

Last day:
They all went to Big & Small Lagoon (except me, didda & Laya) so 730 am alis na sila. Kami ni Laya nag watch ng fish feeding sa pier ng Miniloc ang lalaki ng jackfish (talakitok) they really jump to eat the squid na pinapakain sa kanila, madami ding ibang fishes pa may mga clown fish and yung striped fishes kaya nice mag snorkle.

The group came back at 10am nag snorkle sila sa pier ng Miniloc again. They enjoyed the small & big lagoon ganda daw I have yet to see the pics pa. Nag kayak sila and nag snorkle din doon. Super luxury snorkle kasi the guide just pull them using a buoy. All they need to do is hold on and look down and enjoy. Pati camera na underwater hawak nung guide to picture them.

After snorkle kami nag pack na ng gamit kasi we need to check out one room and they are giving us the other roo for late check out. Good enough for us kasi we want to bathe after our private lunch.

We scheduled a private beach picnic, kami lang dun sa island and balikan na lang nila kami. We did this sa 2007 trip namin and feel na feel namin kaya we want to do it again.

Our private island food pre ordered the night before

An island all to ourselves

naka set up na lunch namin

picture picture

iniwan kami doon and was asked what time kami pasundo so we said balikan kami at 1230 kasi check out namin 2pm.

Back to the room to ligo, change, chill till check out and departure time.

Back to reality na.

Hope this helped.

I was asked na by quite a number of friend if ano nicer Lagen or Miniloc. My answer is if maliit lang ang difference ngprice go to Lagen na; if malaki ang difference mag Miniloc na lang.

Also if active kayo tipong nag snorkle and kayak then Miniloc is better; if relax type kayo pa swim swim ang kain kain sa poolside and wanna feel luxurious then Lagen dapat.

TIPS: bring your own coke, and lotsa snacks and food para less kainin doon. Pwede maging dishonest sa age ng bata. One of our kid is mahina kumain he’d go sa buffet pag usually konti lang kinakainniya sa we’d tell the server to waive his buffet na lang since konti lang and they ALWAYS agree naman. Also they are payag din na all adults take ala carte and kids lang mag buffet. Also maski di ako nag buffet at nakikikuha ako kay Kite ok lang sa kanila. Also nangunguha kami ng fruits sa buffet to eat sa room. Shameful confession, we even make cheeseburger then balot it to eat sa room hehehe.

If you wish to go to El Nido log in and join their mailing list then ask them to include you if may promo sa rates. That is how we got our rate last trip namin. All in ang food and activities pero kinda short notice. Like we got the email  September the October na yung promo.

Hmm this is all I remember.

Hay love love to travel 🙂

The All About Baby Bazaar 2

July 15, 2011 § 3 Comments

Been waiting or a mommy/baby bazaar for months now. Can’t wait! Nau after this sunod sunod na mga events!

Watch out also for Babywear Meet 3 this September.


July 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hay been wanting to blog but had 3 blogs that are still in the draft. The all went awry as I write them. They led their own life until I didnt know why I started them in the first place. Anyway, just blabbering away here so I have something to publish 🙂 haha and maybe then I wont be stuck na.

Watched Harry Potter 7 today. Hmm I feel like I am the only one not sad it ended. The length of time from my first discovery of the book till today (showing of the last book) took it’s toll on me. I used to be so knowledgeable about it but when Book 6 came I was kinda just reading it for sentimental reasons and (horrors) I haven’t even finished book 7.  Oh well, another chapter ended. Am more excited for Twilight actually 🙂 I sometimes still listen to the audiobook of all the Twilight books… I remember how I got hooked and finished all 4 four in one week (Thanks to My for lending them to me).

Yun lang. Will go back to the 3 drafts and see if any of them will get posted.

In the meantime, you guys might want to join the Milk Mama Diaries – Blog Carnival for July I will try to see if I can submit one.

Sa-Ya Carrier

July 8, 2011 § 6 Comments

SaYa is one carrier that proved to be challenging for me.  To some like Charmaine, Clarice & Elai, it was easy. I guess added to the fact that the size I got was wrong, I also didnt have the patience to learn it. I would succesfully to do it while being taught but I always how after some time. Last BWM2 Buding (creator of SaYa) taught me how and hers was simple so I got it. I was able to wear Laya last Tuesday then again today so I know I got it na. Do I like it? Am not yet closing the door on it but I still like the flexibility of the slingor maybe it is really hard to teach old dogs new tricks.  What I like about SaYa is it is easy on the back as the weight of baby is distributed equally on both shoulders. With the sling it is always my left shoulder carrying the load, I tried doing it on the other side but it felt awkward.  Will keep trying the SaYa pa. Thanks pala Nadine for lending me the Saya. Will return yours already. Am decided to buy my own already.

Anyway, I am quite ‘feeling’ so I will attempt to explain here how it is used, hopefully successful ako but if I am not, no worries Buding just made 4 videos to guide us. Also here‘s Elai explaining how it is done the HULA way. Diyan ako nag fail so yung mga tulad kong fail sa HULA try ninyo ang LEI.

Step 1 Just put the thing in your neck like a LEI

Step 2 Loosen/separate the two loops (it will feel natural) then it will look like a PRETZEL (spread the cloth na din in this part and find the seams para yun ang nasa middle to catch the butt of the baby)

Step 3 let it fall sa shoulder

Step 4 put arms in the loop na. tada! you have the X in front and X in the back now.

Step 5 ilagay na ang baby sa loob sa pinaka loob so it’s you then baby then the X in front. (please see this video of Buding. on how to do this step)

NOTE: pls make sure that the knees are higher than the butt; flatten the cloth or fold the cloth para mas swabe ang feeling.

Keep adjusting until you feel comfortable. You will learn it by always using it,so keep practicing till you get the hang of it..

Let me know if success ang aking explanation, if not kareerin ko ito, nacha-challenge ako eh.


Where to buy SaYa?

At Mama.Baby.Love or at Indigo Baby

I got mine sa Babyland, am quite disappointed kasi the saleslady was just eager to sell and maski mali yung size sige ok daw yun. Hay ayun I didnt like SaYa tuloy for the longest time. Pls note unang suot of baby dapat fit na fit kayo not maluwag, luluwag yan as you wear baby eh.

Please please be successful!

Here’s a success story: Legally Mom:THE SEARCH IS OVER

Disclaimer: I bought my SaYa and will buy my next SaYa, I met the owner Buding just recently and this is not a paid blog not a requested blog. Gusto ko lang mag share kasi ang daming nagtatanong sa FB ko, and also ako ay product of failed SaYa noon so yun I wanna try it. Walang saysay BWM if di ako ma success.  Also kaya ako nag di-disclaimer kasi excited na ako one day magsabi ohh this is a blog for an advertiser! charing! hahaha


Milk Tea Craze

July 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

Last week I stayed in Starbucks while I wait for my photocopy orders in Ashcreek and when I saw their new product Sesame Green Tea Frap, which I love, I realized how long it’s been since I wanted to go to Starbucks. Hmm seems like the milktea craze is affecting them (hahah natawa ako sa ka feelingan ko! feeling ko I represent the world).

Hay I can’t seem to get enough of Happy Lemon. My milktea craze started with Serenitea always Royal Milk Tea with Pearls (usually 20% sugar, minsan 0%, minsan 50%) I also love their spicy corn, spicy tofu and potato rounds. I actually prefer the Royal Milk Tea of Bubble Tea but I find them too expensive and also they dont deliver so Serenitea ako madalas.  Then I discover Happy Lemon’s Cocoa with RockSalt& Cheese (50% sugar, will try 0% next time). Hay am so addicted there was a time I have it or maybe 5 days in a week. Taba galore! Nowadays I take GreenTea with RockSalt&Cheese (50% sugar, anybody tried it with 0%sugar? how was it?) not cocoa anymore kasi we have chocomilk at home for Kite and always nakikinom ako. I tried Gong Cha in MOA (addict diba? Went all the way to MOA with miktea addict friend Kendz & Jenki); then a few days ago I tried ChaTime hmm nothing comes close pa din to Happy Lemon.

Hay yun lang. Just had Happy Lemon a few hours ago. Yum!

Disclosure: am hoping ma catch attention ng Happy Lemon at sponsoran ang aking everyday RockSalt&Cheese drink 🙂 yan full disclosure yan!





I am a fan :)

July 7, 2011 § 8 Comments

Hay have you ever read a blog where the ALL of that blogger’s opinion you agree with or even share? Am a follower of a lot of blogs (hmm not that many naman wala pang 8 yung talagang alam ko lahat lahat ng content at nabasa ko buong blog) but I don’t agree with ALL thoughts and opinion but with Topaz girl hay am so agreeing with everything and the more I read her blog the more nagiging fan ako. I started with TopazMommy, hay super relate ako syempre. Some of my opinions na realize ko lang after reading hers (gets niyo? parang magulo basta!), eh natapos ko na yung TopazMommy so I moved to TopazHorizon, I started the present am now on Jan 2011 (you know the feeling of watching telenobela in dvd and you feel part ka na nila kasi you spend so much time watching? kinda ganyan feeling ko kasi I am spending hours reading her blog everynight while feeding Laya, I actually feel like a stalker but am calling myself a fan lang) and am so so so a fan na I just had to express how much I love her blog! One of these days I will go back to her blog and comment (na feel ko sarap ng may comment sa blog so I assume she’d want that too but then my blog is not in her league so baka no big deal na din sa kanya ang comments… but am too busy reading up na di na ako nag cocomment but while reading at the back of my mind I want to stand up and blog and say yes yes what she said is so true and I agree so much! also hirap mag comment via mobile) She is so honest and she writes so nicely. Hay the more I know her thru her blog the more I am so impressed.  Hay if only am not in a hurry I would link all the blog entries na I agree with.  Basta super fan ako! If my blog gets as famous as hers (am not sure I want that as she just said nawawala yung voice niya as the blog get popular) I hope am I as nice as her… ha! di pa famous blog ko eh di na ako as nice eh. oh well will keep reading and hopefully I channel her niceness.  I also know the nice person sa blog is not 100% her syempre she wouldnt show naman her not so nice side but I am realistic and I can smell a nasty person a mile away so I know she is nice. I find her so pretty too!

Am just so happy she is getting such big breaks in her life as she said nga she worked hard for all of this and I so agree and am happy the universe is giving her such a charmed life now. Throwing good vibes and wishes to you Frances!

Yun lang. Fan post lang. Ha ha am actually thinking if I should post this or not. Have several friends who are her friends am dyahe if this gets to her. Di ako ready!

Let’s see if I post this or not. Laya will be the one to decide, if she lets me finish this or if she cries and I stop.


Read Vince’s writing re Frances & their baby now I wish there’s a TopazDaddy or TopazHubby, that would make so many girls swoon! Am not so into gadget but let’s see if I’d be interested in his blog too.

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