Guide to Breast Pumps

August 4, 2011 § 7 Comments

I am also asked every now and then what breast pump I use. I got several friends who also bought the same brand but some friends find it too expensive. Although I think majority in the group uses Medela pumps (I used MedelaFreestyle) I remember reading about other well recommended breast pumps that are cheaper in N@W so I asked them to recommend and tell more about their breast pumps.  Here’s what I got:

Ameda Purely Yours

From Meng: I used Purely Yours of Ameda. It’s basically the same with Lansinoh, but brand new is a bit pricier than Lansinoh (am not sure why).  I wanted to buy din Medela sana noon, but my cousin advised that Ameda is still better and a lot cheaper.

From Maize: I’m using Lansinoh double electric pump for about 10 months already. It’s so cheap but works really great. I bought it from Mi’Ann of Babymama. During the first few weeks post partum, I had difficulty latching Brent. Kaya I resorted to pumping. I was able to exclusively pump for less than two weeks then after that, Brent learned to latch na. That pump helped me produce a lot of milk during the days na di ako makapag-direct feeding. Now that I’m working, nagagamit ko siya 3-4x a day. It usually takes  3-4 months before having to change valves. Kaya I would say laking tipid ko sa pump na yun and di na-sacrifice ang quality. I’m able to pump 16-20 oz during my 9-hour work. I really recommend Lansinoh double electric pump to budget-conscious working moms like me. Very portable, lightweight, easy to assemble, nice color, fits all standard size bottle, inexpensive, and very good quality. 🙂 Bought it for 7k, with 3 pairs of white valves free. Complete spare part kit is 1500 if needed to be replaced. I use it 3 to 4x every workday. But during the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding, I used it every 2hrs round the clock.

On Manual Pump naman, which I heard is more effective but yung nga with effort talaga.

Manual Pump

From Iya: My very first pump was Pigeon manual. It was ok and effective naman but tried 2 more just to know which one is really effective (more milk being expressed) Price is 2K in Rustan’s. The second one Medela also a manual pump. My friend lent it to me but didn’t like it, it was painful and the membrane was so delicate.  May milk din na su-stuck sa mga gilid gilid na mahirap matanggal. The last and what I’m currently using is Avent Manual On-the-Go.  I bought online sa TipidBABY pROducts.  Can’t remember the exact amount but it was around 3,500-3,800.  It has a bag and 2 4oz bottle plus ice pack so you can express it when you’re outside or away from baby. Avent became my favorite. It doesnt hurt when expressing and dami milk lumalabas and mabilis ako natatapos mag express. So for me  avent breast pump talaga.

Will add more as they come.

Hope this helped!

§ 7 Responses to Guide to Breast Pumps

  • […] In case you are wondering what you need to buy to prepare for breastfeeding well NONE, you dont even need to buy a breast pump. Pumping is suggested when you reach 6 weeks na so wait for the need to buy before you go and buy one. I am also asked what pump I used I used Medela Freestyle Pump, I got it from an online seller. I am very happy with my choice and have recommended that too to several friends. But that doesnt mean it is the only good pump. I am actually now on a hunt for cheaper pump. […]

  • mafeteers says:

    I super love this post Benz! Very helpful. =)

  • ivymarasigan says:

    Very helpful! Manual user lang din ako kasi Im a SAHM. I used Medela Manual for my first baby. Ok naman pero kung alam ko lang na may Avent On The Go sana yun na binili ko but I’m thinking of getting it na lang for my second pag wala akong nahanap na spare na Medela membrane, parang nadistort na kasi sya kaka-sterilize ko dati eh.

  • Fozzy says:

    thanks for the post! very helpful 🙂 it’s nice to know that there are more budget-friendly alternatives to the Medelas of the world.

  • BenzRana says:

    Thanks guys, if you encounter new brand and is happy with it send me your testimony too.


  • Dimetra says:

    I have been using this pump for 8 weeks now and have been back to work for 2 weeks. I am able to pump about 10 oz in about 15 minutes. I work as a nurse and I don’t have much time to pump at work. I have not had the same problem that some women have had about mold or milk in the tubing. I do run the pump after I finish to try them but not from milk, from condensation. I have found the two phase let down does help with my milk let down however I think it is too long. I will turn on the pump while I am getting all the other stuff ready so that I don’t waste too much time with the first phase. I will start off with pump on a lower setting at first then work my way up to full power because I find it is a little painful. I will also express some milk on my nipples first which seems to help with the pain.
    Over all I think this is a good product.

  • legallymama says:

    Hi there. I’m an ameda purely yours user and I’m so happy with it. I wrote my story on how I found the perfect pump after several mismatch. You can read it at with title “pump, pump and away!”, if you’re interested 🙂

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