Arugaan needs help :)

September 20, 2011 § 4 Comments

Last week, while watching tv shows I’ve downloaded parang I was surprised, bakit may time ako manood at nakakapagbasa ako? then I remembered may blog pala ako na di ko na pinapansin… I was so surprised to realize I forgot all about this blog. Oh well, I finished the entire season last night. Also wala akong ma blog na pwede kong gawin in super short time, until I got an email from Velvet (yes the very person I majorly credit for my smooth breastfeeding journey) regarding Arugaan and the Breastfeeding counselor program she is part of. Ok read about it at Jenny’s blog na lang kasi dun ko din lang ico-copy eh. But yun nga am hoping you guys will be encouraged to share, give & help out maski maliit na amount it will go a long way if there is enough people to give. Come on help na. Imagine these Breastfeeding Peer Counselor goes from barangay to barangay in the hope of teaching counselors per area so each barangay will have a peer they can go to for breastfeeding support.  We are talking about the very people who really needs to breastfeed, who stand to gain a lot if they do. I really am hoping you get your support for this.

If you have whatever goodies kikay kit, hand towels, toothbrush, toiletry kits, alcohol, basic medicines.  Also items for babies like baby clothes, lampins, toiletry kits, etc as incentive for their games during the trainings.  Let’s make it fun for them para ma enganyo silang tuloy tuloyin na. I believe super laki ang masosolve na problem if the urban poor will breastfeed.

Please help pray too for the success of this project.

Please email Velvet of Arugaan to discuss donations. I will personally vouch for her integrity and honesty 🙂

What a great way to be back to blogging 🙂


§ 4 Responses to Arugaan needs help :)

  • kat says:

    Hi Benz, I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog. I am one of the lucky moms who received some of your breastmilk when my baby was in dire need. It was around december of last year when we contacted you. super grateful to you and several other moms who came to my baby’s rescue. (baby was born premature so my boobies didn’t get the memo that they should already be producing milk!) Sayang we didn’t meet. When i went to your place you weren’t home.Anyway, just wanted to say hi, thanks and great blog! I’ll definitely contact Arugaan to help in some way. I’m also still breastfeeding but mixed na with formula since I started working,tsk,tsk.

    • BenzRana says:

      Kat 🙂 Awww am so glad you found me and this now and also found me nung Dec. It was such a pleasure to be able to give.

      Sige thanks for helping Arugaan 🙂

      How’s your baby na?

      • kat says:

        oh, my baby’s doing great. 4 tiny teeth are starting to show (9 months na sya). She’s also getting more complex now kaya every day it gets more fun to interact with her.Like she can fake-cry now to get what she wants, you know that trick with the super sad facial expression and the crying sound effects pero no tears! it’s adorable kaya most of the time it works. thanks again for that much needed help. super precious talaga ang breastmilk. anyway, hope to meet you some time. take care! 🙂

  • Abi Princesa says:

    Hello Mimma,
    I am Abi, also a mom. I would like to get in touch with Arugaan. I’m trying to contact their landline but it’s always “unattended”. Do you know any other cellphone number or landline I can text or call? Thanks!!!!
    Abi Princesa

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