Ge Lai

April 29, 2013 § 1 Comment

I grew up in a Chinese Household think Joy Luck Club. My mom is the type who would boil medicinal herbs and drink it with full confidence of its worth, she would regularly force us to drink some and we would device ways and means to get away from it.  I also studied in a Chinese school so most of my classmates have kinda the same thing going for them at home.  So Ge Lai is a common thing in our house and we grew up believing in its value.  For us after giving birth doing Ge Lai is as important.

When I was pregnant with Kite, I had to rely on my mom to take care of my food so everyday the driver brings the food to me sa Balintawak, ang hassle. I wish there was someone, somewhere to order these food na lang.  Then 11 years later, when I was about to give birth to Laya, same thing I still had the same wish. I had a friend from Singapore buy me cookbooks for Ge Lai. Hirap but she was able to score me several.  I was able to teach our helper to cook the Ge Lai food and ang sarap ha! Basta sesame oil, ginger and wine are staple sa ingredients.

Fast forward to last year, I was told by my friend na her kinakapatid is into Ge Lai food, wah was too excited and was so happy to meet them. Last 2 weeks ago I was finally able to taste their Black Chicken. Ayan na pa blog ako kasi I feel for the moms who’s parents are either too far, too busy or not there anymore to do the Ge Lai for them.


Kaya am introducing Mama Chow by Chef Jonathan Chua, his wife Raquel naman owns Ginquelrus Pastries yummy goodies, she got lactation cookies and cupcakes too that are so yummy. Been ordering her Cheese Cupcake like crazy.

Anyway, here’s how the Black Chicken looks like packed. And uploading some of their literature too.





Yan just order from them if you dont have anybody cooking Ge Lai food for you. I really suggest eating Ge Lai food to help your body recover from birthing.  I will try to look for the recipes too that I love from the Ge Lai Cookbooks I got.  (Thanks Candy!)


Pinoy Eats World

June 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

Those who know me knows how much I love eating. Those who’ve seen me would guess I love eating.  But it is not just simply good food I am after, it’s the whole experience. A perfect meal for me would be long meals with nice ambiance, good camaraderie with your meal mates whether to discuss heavy stuff or just nonsense babaw stuff.

I remember clearly my memorable meals these days kasi seldom na lang yung unhurried meal, yung meal na di puro naka internet or games. One is the one we had in Baguio with Mama’s Table with Chef Vicky the lunch was 3 hours long but would have been longer if not for our trip back to Manila. Another is my lunch with my barkada in Antonio’s in Tagaytay yun din 4hours long or more pa. And yung lunch outing with W@Wies at Ugu Bigyan’s which deserve a blogpost on it’s own. (One day soon I hope magawa ko) But in a gist Ugu Bigyan in Tiaong Quezon accepts lunch booking at just P600/pax super busog and super ok yung food they serve, yun nga lang 3 hours travel. But well worth it! Prior reservation needed, I think before they used to have minimum head count but now ok lang kulang basta there’s another group booked. Call na lang and ask highly recommended yan.

Anyway, we had a not as great one when we went to Bale Dutung, food was good but Mary Ann Tayag being so OC and being too serious about their food, she came off close to being rude and it just staled everything for us but good thing company was super great, na negate tuloy. But what made me come back to blogging is what we experience last night with Pinoy Eats World (PEW).

I love meals with ekek. Ayaw ko yung tipong we just go reserve a place sa resto then eat tapos yun na yun. That is good for close friends. But with so many new friends and upcoming friends we meet sa wedding industry masarap din yung we just go out and experience being served or pampered naman.  After our experience s Bale Dutung several wanting a follow up, so I wanted one where we need not travel far but still special yung meal, a meal na di lang ganyan ka bilis ma replicate.  I knew whom to go to, or at least this is what I think they do. I have never met them nor joined their dinner but from always checking out their events that is what I gathered. So I emailed them that night agad and ask if they can work out a dinner for us.  We exchanged emails and met once then that’s it. Wala na akong balita. I myself had no idea what will happen or where the dinner will exactly be nor what food will be served.  I just gave them a brief background, na we want to be able to talk and enjoy and chat and basically have fun and not be scolded for chatting (kinda what happened when we had ours at Bale Dutung) and we want lamon talaga hindi tikim tikim.  I gave them the list of who’s coming then sila na mag research. Hahah what they did they contacted Madge and didnt need na to research, Madge helped them with concept and planning. And we were surprised to ind out Madge was involved.

The event started with all of us meeting in a Starbucks near the place, para daw we all start together (nice nice idea). As soon as we were complete nag convoy na kami to the place where it must not be named (bawal mag check in sa foursquare haha), then Chef JJ Yulo (founder of PEW, that night emcee siya – oh he accepts hosting gigs for weddings – seryoso) started welcoming everybody. He then introduced us to his wife Cres Yulo (who is a photographer too swerte namin may photo coverage kami), our Chef for the night Chef Namee Jorolan (who’s getting married sa January hahah pwede siyang mag inquire after cooking). Ayun di ako sobrang nakinig sa intro niya kasi I was busy reading and being kilig sa menu card! Hahaha.

Here is what they came up with specially for our group:

Customized Menu - dapat yata 19 courses para may moment bawat isa haha

He would introduce the course before serving. Fun kasi some courses were named in honor of one of us, some dishes were served, some where placed sa counter so gulangan at sikuhan para mauna. We were really stuffed! I love the food, the company and the experience.

I love the mashed sweet potato & the roasted bone marrow

I love the side dish of the bone marrow na parsley salad and the sigarilyas na partner ng pork loin… oh, my first taste of sigarilyas pala yan!

Am blogging this kasi super enjoy talaga siya. So plan one with your friends, ahh mahal if you host the party kasi medyo pricey siya if to treat friends (for me ha) so maganda siyang pang KKB (ballpark rate P1500/pax) tapos isip kayo anong theme gusto ninyo.  The place is private kaya maximum capacity na yung 20 pax. Although in my opinion a perfect number for dinner parties is 10 lang, pag 10 you get to talk to all, the group gets to have group talks aside from pocket chat with your neighbors. With 20 pax kasi I wasnt able to chat much with those on the other side of the table na. 😦

Here’s the casting (sayang wala si Cres sa photo… but ok na din kasi if Cres was there baka walang photong ma post)

BKS, James Limsoc, Malou Limsoc, Anne Naig, Wellen Cerda, me, Marvi de Guzman, Dino Lara, Abet Rana, Jason Magbanua, Madge Lejano, Bong Sare, Sheena Caburog, Veejay Floresca, Ian Celis and Rhea Celis
JJ Yulo, Namee, Serge Igonia, Val Villarin & Rogel Igonia

See photos of the evening here photos by Cres Yulo.

Cant wait for the next one! Still up for another one? Who wanna join us?

Roasted Sesame Dressing

September 20, 2011 § 7 Comments

I saw it at Eastwood Malls Food bazaar, tasted it, loved it and bought the smalled bottle at P150 for 150ml. Ubos agad isang kainan lang (3 naman kami) bought mesclun mix at Santi’s (highway robbery! but walang ibang ganyan kaganda ang mix eh, they even have endive in it. you know of sellers ng mesclun mix aside from Santi’s?).

Dahil ang sarap nga ng dressing I bought one sa Shopwise ibang brand kasi Sesame Dressing din, kaso di masarap so tinawagan ko yung seller nito kasi nakadikit sa bottle yung numbers nila. Got na a bigger bottle at P350 for 350ml. Lasa nito yung arang salad ng UCC. Hay naka ilang kain ako, been eating it for the past 4 days. I am guessing it is healthy kasi greens eh maski I am eating it for the dressing.  Oh well, am going to subscribe to Good Food Co. for their salad subscription, Rowie of Pinoy Baby from N@W’s been raving about this here and here and I am so eager to try it too. Sana maka daan ng Sonya’s Garden kasi I want the pop beans and also their dressing. Para maka salad everyday! Another dressing I like is the kamias somethign vinagrette, gift ng friendship Michelle, kaso forgt the name of the seller/brand, but alam ko nagse-sell sila sa Mercato.


Happy Salad Everyday!

Roasted Sesame Dressing

P150 for 150ml; P350 for 350ml; P550 for 1 liter (P650 for 1 liter sa DEC)

5151350; 0917.8137462; 0922.8148503


Full Disclosure: I dont know them at all, I just ask the messenger to text them and pick up from them. Dont even know their names… wala lang feeling ko lang idagdag.



Ultimate Taste Test 6.0

September 5, 2011 § 17 Comments

Been interested to join the Ultimate Taste Test by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet but never did in the past, either didnt find time or was tamad or whatever. But this time, timing was right so off we went. Oh I had fun 🙂 And true na it has to be planned and you have to have a lot of time. We went at 1pm and stopped for a break at 2:30-4pm then went back again for another hour. Actually I read somewhere na a couple shared theirs and it would work kasi super dami di mo kayang ubusin eh, bad lang sa sharing is if the food is good you just can get half hahaha.

Here are my take on what I was able to taste. Mga di ko tinaste are those na di ko type na food, and full na ako so I chose na which I want to go to na lang.

Farm n’ Deli Barang’s Tinapa – really good! their longganisa are good too, I like yugn sweet Cebu longganisa. So good my friend bought a jar of tinapa whatever home. I would buy.

Marla’s Original Muncheez Muncheez – this is ok, as in I would buy it, medyo kulang sa sweetness for me but good if for my baby. My friend bought one for her daughter. I would buy this.

Daims Food Inc Debrecziner, Wasabi, BBQ, Vienna – hmm I found the sausages a bit dry, maybe because they were sliced and exposed na?

De Original Jamaican Patties Beef Original, Beef Pinaubo – didnt try it na kasi super suki na kami dito, I loved it when I was a kid until now even my picky eating daughter loves it.

Cafe Mediterranean/ Wild Ginger Moutable with roasted eggplant rolls, Vegetable samosas/ Spinach & Dhal Chapati – I didnt notice them, so I wasnt able to try them out.

Purple Mustard Sebadas con miela rosmarino (fried ravioli with rosemary honey) – hmm di ko like, I didnt like the taste of rosemary honey. Di siya kasundo ng palette ko.

5 Loaves & 2 Fish Baked Crunchy Veggie chips with homemade dips and spreads – I didnt try it. Parang I got tired na of dips and spreads eh. They are always yummy sa food fairs and bazaars but when its at home na di na as yummy. Siguro pang small doses lang sila. Or maybe pang party siguro.

The Fruit Garden Jam flavors: Fruit Cocktail, Lychee Berry Rose, Winter Season – this is not something I would buy but I admit their packaging is always so adorable. I tasted lang kasi alam ko di ako bibili eh so how else can I know how they’d taste. I tried all three I liked Lychee Berry Rose.

El Kapitan Spiced Chai, Vanilla Chai – didnt try this.

Concept Specialist Inc Coffee with different flavors – didnt try this.

Party Fuel Mojito Mocktail – didnt try this.

Istituto Culinario Limonada – found the taste a bit bland but I appreciate na they gave a bottle each. I would buy this.

Bugle Boy Distributors Corp Arizona iced tea – didnt try this.

Chef C’s Paella de Andaluz Paella de Andaluz – I like the taste but I found the rice too soft/soggy. But I see myself ordering from them yummy yung taste eh.

Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ Smoked Pork Ribs and Bama Chicken – Oh this one is really good. Yes I do see myself ordering from them.

Hyphys Calamansi Tuyo, Spaghetti, Falafel/ Hummus Tapenade Rolls – tried the Calamansi Tuyo, it is good but I dont imagine I can eat more than the taste portion, sobrang malasa and sobrang malakas yung lasa.

Luigi’s Muhlach Chicken cordon bleu with a choice of aligue mayo, cream cheese or wasabi sauce, Phillychanga – oh gosh this one is so good, I got to the booth when I was quite full na yet I didnt just bite on the sampler I ate them all to think mga 3-4 bites yung sampler niya. Ang yummy talaga! Will definitely order from him. Will look for his price list muna but I already see myself going to Mercato to eat his food again. He is THAT good. This is one of my TOP 5. Probably my #1 pa. And this is not because I am a fan of both his mom and dad! haha

HKR Food Express Asado, Roast Chicken – I read about this na from Heart2Heart’s blog and nasa list na ito ng pupuntahan namin one day. So when I bumped into my lamon friend Jenki and she told me to make sure I try, so am really looking forward na. Yes masarap nga talaga! Will definitely order from them. This is one of my Top 5.

Heart, Meat and Soul Foods Hearty meaty spaghetti – didnt notice this so I didnt get to try them.

Sushi Mo California maki roll, Tuna&mayo maki roll – ok naman no big deal. I love the wasabi cream though. I can eat this again but I wont be buying to serve this unless super affordable.

Dek A Authentic Thai Popia, Thai milk tea – I wanted to go back after our tea break because of this one. Hmm ok lang siya, it didnt impress me but ok naman di naman pangit yung lasa since am really on the look out for a good Thai resto am going to eat in their resto pa din and give it another try.

Pinakbest Bagnet – this booth consistently had a long line, ewan if good for the katabi kasi habang waiting people would get from their katabing booth or bad for their katabi kasi nahaharangan. Well I got the very last piece of Ilocos Empanada. Hmm ok lang, not super good na I wanna go back to Ilocos but good naman. Yung Bagnet din good but di super good na you will want to eat more knowing it is so bad for the health. But A+ to them for giving such big serving, as in di ka nila kinukuripot sa serving size. And I so love their big plate, it saved me from holding so many smaller samplers.

Eat my GF Original GF with toppings – hmm not my type eh. Ok naman but ayaw ko ng oily na eh. Kasi full na ako at that time. Maybe if I ate here first mas ok ang reception ko sa food nila.

The Flying Chef Ham and Cheese Empanada; Chocolate & Bacon Empanada – the Chocolate Bacon Empanada is a good food to serve sa party kasi interesting siya, but not one I would buy kasi di siya that good for me. Interesting lang siya and ok iserve sa party. One of those must try food lang.

Muesli Granola Kitchen & Bakeshop Monkey Bar, Chocolate barmuncher with almonds and cashew nuts – I super love the Chocolate Barmuncher, yung Monkey bar was ok lang. Yung plain was ok naman not that yummy but I will buy that plain one too to offset the guilt sa chocolate one. Am now so regretting not buying. Will also go back to Mercato for this one. This is one of my Top 5.

Almost Gourmet Parmesan chicken sticks – was so looking forward to taste this kasi I had high hope for this kasi nga I recommend them for suppliers meal. Oh well I find the food ok lang, kinda dry for me and oily. But I still recommend them for suppliers meal para maiba naman ang kinakain ng suppliers, enough Jollibee, McDo, Max & KFC na.

Joy’s Fuzion Kitchen (JFK) Fried chicken wings – may na try akong Chicken Wings yung katabi ni Pinagbest, am not sure if this is the one. The chicken is good naman but not exceptionally good.

Edible Options Fish Fillet, Chicken Galantina, Sunflower brittle – didnt notice this so di ko na try.

Casa San Luis Pastries Adobo quiche – I skipped this, either I was busog or they have a queue.

Spring by Ha Yuan KuaPao: Pulled pork, Braised short rib, Lychee and Sesame crusted Teriyaki tofu – oh gosh I LOVE this one. Sana they gave samplers of all kaso no eh, choose one lang. I chose the one with Lychee. So yummy the wansuy was super duper helpful in making it so yummy also the crunchy thingy. I wonder if they join Mercato. I would love to go to Mercato for this! Or I will go back to Ha Yuan to eat this. Saan na ba ang mga Ha Yuan? I grew up eating Ha Yuan kasi sa Masangkay, then after I got married we’d go Ha Yuan sa West Ave naman. Saan na mga Ha Yuan? It is so yummy I will google and look for them. Part ito ng Top 5 ko.

Chori Chori Burger Joint Boracay original Choriburger – I didnt like it. I think the bun was not yummy, yung sa Bora I remember mala pandesal bun eh… or am I mixing it up with Bun on the Run? Oh basta I didnt like it.

Cre-Ate Concepts PIZZA-teriyaki mayo, PIZZA- 4 cheese – I didnt like it. I like my pizza super hot, with bubblying cheese, but it is not possible in the event to have such. I got the crust part pa so di talaga masarap.

Gourmet Keso Chevre(goat cheese), Chevre w/ cashews & truffled salt; Chevre w/ garlic & herbs, Kesong Puti Hiyayako – I tried the one with truffle and I didnt like it. Na over power nung truffle yung lasa and yun lang na taste ko truffle!

Mang Pedro Taho – I skipped this kasi dami kong hawak di ko kaya mag hawak ng cup. Di ko na din binalikan di naman ako atat. Hopefully I wont be reading super duper good reviews of this one or mangihinayang ako. Tsaka pala too many flavors di ko alam what to pick so I didnt pick na.

Tina’s Pie Outlet Main Dish: Callos. Tart: Shiitake With Swiss Gruyere, Prawns In Aligue, Chicken With chorizo – been hearing about Tina’s Pie but when I went to Mercato I either forget or they werent there, kasi if they were there for sure bibili ako after reading Leslie’s (of Shoot First Eat Later) review. Hay sana they gave samplers for all flavors din. I tasted yung Shitake, they recommended the Chicken with Chorizo, my friend tasted yung Prawns with Aligue all said yummy so super wanted to taste them all kaso isa lang pwede. I will also go to Mercato for this one. So yummy! This is part of my Top 5 also… hahha I think lalampas ng 5 yung Top 5 ko but you get what I mean when I say Top 5 sila. Parang disservice to them if I call them Top 6 or Top 10 eh.

Chef’s Table Buko pie martini – I love this! But am not sure if I can eat a bigger serving of this yung sampler size niya na 2-3 bites was good for me kasi sweet sya, dunno why it’s called martini I didnt taste any liquor.

Hansie’s Desserts Chocolate Chunk Cookies – di ko din ito na try

Cupcake Boutique by Klar Joseph Cupcakes (Red Velvet) – di ko na try.

Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream: Brown Bread – I tried Brown Bread and Pistachio with Mango, wow wow both are yummy. I would go back and buy a scoop. I wanna know if it is still good pag a scoop na but yung sampler size super good siya.

Empire French macarons – I am not a fan of macarons, what I like are macaroons yung with desicated coconut, yung sa Goldilock like na like ko! But this one is good. Another macaron I like is the one in Burgos Circle NOT from Bar Dolci but from another shop, Leslie also found that shop’s macaron yummy, di ko lang alam if ito din yun. If di ito yun then this one is even better. So good na I got my friend’s share and ate them too. I will buy from them again when I have my very occasional macaron cravings. I tried the chili choco and I forgot what else.

Sweet Life by Ange Cam Chips – I like the camote chips but that’s just camote chips so parang how good can it get or how bad would it be ba. The cakes naman are good. Not super I wanna crave for those cake kind but good naman na if I am to have a party I might order para ibang cake naman ma serve.

Mochiko Cookie Dough & Cream Mochi – my daughter is the one who loves this. Ako not really a fan, but I did try the cookie dough so I’d know if I will buy for my daughter, yes it is good and I think my daughter will like this. So will buy this.

My Pink Wasabi Kashi Maki – am so going to be bad. I bought from them sa Mercato, di ko type 😦 feeling ko nagpapaka iba lang. My friend gifted this to me last Christmas di ko pa din type. Sa UTT I was thinking baka ibigay nila yung yummiest nila. I tried one and didnt like it pa din. I wanted to taste more but di daw pwede 1 lang, made the expreince with them go from bad to worse. Oh well they didnt lose a customer naman kasi di din ako target market nila but sana if sasali sila sa ganito ready na sila ng pang taste for everything they are offering. Yeah it is costly but worth it din naman if they have a good product and it spreads.

Symphony of Flavors Lecheflan cheesecake – not my taste. I find it too sweet.

Pink Candies Kucina Food for the Gods – huwat! Food For the Gods pala! Sayang I didnt get to taste.

Elle’s Torta Torta cebuana – didnt notice this one too or didnt find it appetizing? Not sure which kasi di nagreregister sa mind ko now yung food nila eh.

YOH-GEE Frozen Kefir – didnt get to taste this. when I wanted to si Marian the host kept interviewing so I skipped it na lang.

Carmen’s Best Ice cream: Salted Caramel & Coffee – di ko ito na notice 😦

Riz Rice Homemade suman – I love suman so I looked for them, wala sila 😦

Sugarhouse Yema balls/ Sylvannas – di naman taste bad but I was looking for exciting food sa UTT.

Baked by Anita Bacon n maple mini cupcake- so so lang di ako bibili but if served sa party I would eat it.

Theo&Philo Chocolate Chocolate bars – I like this but not enough to buy it. Siguro ito yung one of those I might buy if the mood strike me. I love that he is so generous in allowing us to taste more than once and taste all flavors pa. Hmm remembering the nice experience and his nice booth, yeah I will probably buy. Yung memory ng taste ng choco niya getting better sa mind ko.

Kiddie Affairs Cupcakes – didnt taste this.

Yumy.Aco Banana loaf with walnuts and choco chips – didnt taste this.

The Ice Cream Bar Lemon Crumble Yogurt – didnt taste this.

To recap:

I can’t wait to buy and will buy the next chance I get

Luigi’s Muhlach’s food

Muesli Granola Kitchen & Bakeshop

Marla’s Original Muncheez

Spring by Ha Yuan Kua Pao

Tina’s Pie Outlet

Empire French macarons

Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream: Brown Bread

I will buy this one day

Farm n’ Deli

Chef C’s Paella de Andaluz

Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ

Sweet Life by Ange Cam Chips

Mochiko Cookie Dough & Cream Mochi

Theo&Philo Chocolate Chocolate bars

I don’t think I will buy these

Cre-Ate Concepts PIZZA

My Pink Wasabi Kashi Maki

Symphony of Flavors Lecheflan cheesecake

Hmm Will I join UTT 7? Yeah if mas mura yeah, if same price, I might. But bahala na depends when and where.

Congratulations to Anton & Rache Diaz for this event! Galing. Hope to see the stuff I like in Mercato. Great job Gary & Janice of Creative Juice.

Mama’s Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente

July 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

I love eating out, food should be good, it would be such a pleasure if place is stunning or cozy, but I think what makes a meal memorable is the company. I have lots of memorable meals but this one I want to do again.

I first read about Chef Vicky from Heart-2-Heart‘s blog last January (she blogged about the place again recently here) and after reading I really really wanted to go. Lucky for me, my closest friends were on a road trip bug so off to Baguio we went one February weekend. Oh we were really excited for that meal!

It’s an 8 course meal at Chef Vicky’s home in Baguio. We wanted to have it Saturday dinner but she was already booked as she only accepts one group per meal. So no choice but to have our meal on Sunday lunch before we head back to Manila meaning no wine for us. Her place is roughly 10-15 minute away from Manor in Camp John Hay, roads are in good condition too.  As you enter her home you will notice the big living room/dining room space with a big window for the wonderful view of the mountain and of their garden. Oh my I wish I have access to such a house. The weather was perfect so we loitered around the place before starting on our meal. The meal was such a great experience. Quite pricey at roughly P1500/pax but it was such a memorable one that the amount is so worth it.

We started our meal at 1230 and mid way we told Chef Vicky to quicken the pace as we will still head back to Manila, we finished around 330pm, if only we are not heading back we would have lingered on pa. Such precious memories of great times with good friends.  These are friends I have been with since grade school and high school. Knew them quarter of my life now. Love them too!

Am not a food blogger so please head to Leslie‘s blog instead for a blow by blow account and lovely description of the food accompanied by great photos. Our meal was like theirs except for the soup, ours was mushroom cappuccino.

I am itching to go back to another meal at Chef Vicky’s place. When kaya?

Chef Vicky



Thai Chicken Basil

July 23, 2011 § 4 Comments

My mom is a very GOOD cook! I grew up in a household where our chicken are bought from the market alive and slithered at home upon need. We buy LapuLapu alive and nag swi-swimming sila sa balde with oxygen filter til it is time to prepare lunch/dinner. We make our own curry paste. We have a ref just for raw ingredients. Our food are so good my friends would always eat in. And much as I love to eat out, I love eating at home. Food in our house are production numbers, we have seafood nights, we have chinese lumpia nights, thai food night. Restaurant quality food sa house namin I swear! If I compare the lumpia sa house namin and sa resto panalo sa bahay namin. There are a lot of food I order sa resto now na mas masarap pa din yung sa bahay namin kaso di ko naitanong sa mom ko or sa old cook namin how to prepare it kaya, ayun memory na lang sila, when I eat them sa resto it is just to satisfy my craving but it is not as good as my mom’s.  Super regret ko talaga not be able to ask for the recipes. May mga ilan na lang na naaalala ko dahil mahilig akong makialam kung saan ang kaguluhan. Isa itong Thai Chicken Basil. Share ko na din sa inyo how it is cooked.

it doesn't look appetizing but yummy siya for us


chicken thigh fillet (madalas walang fillet so I buy thighs then idebone na lang ng helper)
yellow beans
sliced sili sigang
sili labuyo
basil leaves (sweet basil is good but thai basil is better)
soy sauce
minced garlic & onions

Saute garlic first then put onion, pag transparent na yung onions I put the yellow beans para mabango na the oil then next put the chicken until maluto siya, next soy sauce then pag pasok na lasa ng soy sauce sa chicken I put the sili sigang, pag medyo lumabot na yung sili sigang I put the siling labuyo na, then taste again then adjust it, if too maalat I add water if kulang sa alat more soy sauce then I put na the basil leaves. Let it sit for a while para maging softer lang yung leaves then serve. We eat it as rice topping.

Yun lang! Nasarapan lang ako sa pagluto ko a few days ago kaya naisip kong ishare. Pag di kayo nasarapan isipin na lang ninyo mali yung quantities ninyo and NOT because di yummy itong chicken basil ko hahaha.
The one childhood food I am so craving na di ko pa din mahanap sa resto maski saan is this one. Super favorite ko ito. Lucky may version ate ko na kinda pwede na but di pa din authentic and mahirap gawin, ma effort so di ko pa inattempt.

photo from Cooking Momster

This picture id what we often have sa restos, but the one I am craving for needs more pa, yung amin may sauce before serving na di ko pa nakakain sa kahit anong resto.  All I remember with this recipe is it needs freshest tanguigue tapos ipa palo palo or slam slam ng maraming maraming maraming beses para maging malutong I remember minimum of 100 times yan so masakit sa braso and kilikili. Hay di ko talaga ito natutuhan. Buti na lang the curry I like I can buy ready made red curry paste na sa market. But I still miss the bamboo shoot and fish head curry my mom makes.

Bangkok House in Glorietta Fast Food

I miss my mom! She had a restaurant nga pala when I was little, it’s called Bangkok House sa food court kung saan ang Glorietta is standing now. Makati girl akong lumaki! Tapos may resto din siya sa Avenida, Lee Garden naman yung name. Sikat kaya yung resto noon? I have no idea. Hmm what joy if may mga makilala akong alam yung mga resto ng mom ko.

Lee Graden Kitchenette in Avenida

Love you mommy! She died so many years ago. Weird lang I am good with dates but my mom’s death I cant remember, the date nor the year I need pa to check her death certificate. I guess unconsciously I block out the memory of her death.

Milk Tea Craze

July 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

Last week I stayed in Starbucks while I wait for my photocopy orders in Ashcreek and when I saw their new product Sesame Green Tea Frap, which I love, I realized how long it’s been since I wanted to go to Starbucks. Hmm seems like the milktea craze is affecting them (hahah natawa ako sa ka feelingan ko! feeling ko I represent the world).

Hay I can’t seem to get enough of Happy Lemon. My milktea craze started with Serenitea always Royal Milk Tea with Pearls (usually 20% sugar, minsan 0%, minsan 50%) I also love their spicy corn, spicy tofu and potato rounds. I actually prefer the Royal Milk Tea of Bubble Tea but I find them too expensive and also they dont deliver so Serenitea ako madalas.  Then I discover Happy Lemon’s Cocoa with RockSalt& Cheese (50% sugar, will try 0% next time). Hay am so addicted there was a time I have it or maybe 5 days in a week. Taba galore! Nowadays I take GreenTea with RockSalt&Cheese (50% sugar, anybody tried it with 0%sugar? how was it?) not cocoa anymore kasi we have chocomilk at home for Kite and always nakikinom ako. I tried Gong Cha in MOA (addict diba? Went all the way to MOA with miktea addict friend Kendz & Jenki); then a few days ago I tried ChaTime hmm nothing comes close pa din to Happy Lemon.

Hay yun lang. Just had Happy Lemon a few hours ago. Yum!

Disclosure: am hoping ma catch attention ng Happy Lemon at sponsoran ang aking everyday RockSalt&Cheese drink 🙂 yan full disclosure yan!






July 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

Ahh dont you love it and also hate it when you discover new food that’s so yummy? I love it kasi new discovery siya but hate it coz I dont know where in the world will I find it if I crave for it.

Hannah, sister of our old friend Ritchie, sent me this choco for my birthday. Hannah is also the one who brought us to Mamou’s so her taste is impeccable, sipsip ako para padalhan ako ulit haha or baka mag introduce siya sa akin ng something new ulit.  Had a taste of it this morning and yun nga, na sad and na happy ako. I posted it sa FB and ang daming may kilala sa kanya. Am glad kilala ko na din itong si Giotto.

Gawa siya ng same company who makes Ferrero Rocher, kaya pala same taste. Per plastic stick there’s 9 pcs in it; this pack has 4 plastic stick inside. Each piece is a perfect bite, it has the good combination of hazelnut chocolate inside and crispy wafer then  covered in chopped hazelnuts & walnuts outside.

Thanks Hannah & Ritchie!

Don’t you love discovering new foodies?

Fresh Milk

June 28, 2011 § 12 Comments

I have always loved drinking bottled milk and chocolate milk. I remember the taste of Chocolait when it was still called ChocoVim. (It tasted like cocoa of Happy Lemon)

When the kid’s pedia knew we were going to Australia she said naku ang sarap ng gatas doon. Hay true nga, I can drink a liter a day if I don’t stop myself. The milk supply of Jea & Josh was easily gone because of me (Sorry Sudarios!). When we came back I wanted Kite to drink fresh milk; our pedia also told us na me and Didda should drink a glass of non fat milk everyday. Also I want to let Laya taste fresh milk na din. So off I go in my search of milk that will be delivered to us regularly. I found 2 brands that has delivery in our area and tried them both.

First I tried was Milkman’s whole milk (P180/2 liter; service and response is quick which I appreciate so much) I like their milk. Next I tried Holly’s Milk – chocolate milk (P110/liter), whole milk (P100/liter) and non fat milk (P100/liter).  I like Holly’s whole milk a bit better mas creamy eh, even their non fat tasted like fresh milk so happy ako, but Kite & I found their choco milk too sweet! Since I like their milk better I immediately re ordered for the next delivery. But I noticed the fresh milk has a tinge of sour taste a day or two after opening the bottle. So I reduce my next order to try it again.  Sadly it is the same case.  According to the distributor of Holly’s Milk we should put the milk in the coldest part not too near the ref door. So that’s what I did on their 2nd delivery but still there’s a tinge of sour taste the day after we opened a bottle which scares eh. I think maybe our ref is too small and too puno? This reminds me of why I stopped buying Hacienda Macalauan, it always spoils on me, even the small bottle, sometimes even when I consumed it the day I bought it 😦 of all the yogurt I tried theirs is the yummiest too.

I went back to Milkman and this time tried their choco milk too. Am happy that their choco milk is not as sweet and their whole milk doesn’t spoil so fast too. Problem now is their milk comes in 2 liter container which Kite can’t finish, which mean I cant order non fat for us or we’d have too much milk. Am now working out our consumption so I can place my weekly order. Another problem is I gained so much weigh since we started having fresh milk at home, but the good thing is Kite now drinks milk everyday.

For San Juan area delivery:

Holly’s Milk

Romy & Marissa Montoya

571.2498 ; 0915.1948417

delivers every Thursday & Saturday (I dont like the schedule parang the gap from Sat to Thurs is too long)



delivers every Wednesday and Sunday (I like their schedule)

Disclosure ulit: nothing to disclose. Paid for my milk in full and has nothing to do with the sellers. Warning lang: kakataba!

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