Surprise :) Happy 10th Year Jong!

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Surprise Jong! Haha it’s your turn today 🙂

Happy 10th Year Anniv to you and ImagineNation. I guess we also know each other for 10 years now.  Am truly glad to be a friend to you and to Monique. Weird and amazing ang friendship nating apat. I have a relationship with Monique because of N@W, yet my friendship to you is independent of that with mine and Monique and so is your relationship with Abet but we are also couple friends. Aliw lang 🙂 Truly glad to be friends with you guys. There’d be times when we’d see each other so often then times when it’ll be months before we are in touch yet if I need you for anything I know you always always make time for me. I truly appreciate that and am sure you know it is likewise.

Congratulations for the last 10 years! It was not always smooth and it was never always rocky, it had it’s share of peaks and frights. Enough to be interesting and fulfilling. Am really happy to have always been like an adopted part of ImagineNation, back when I know always everybody from the team, to the present when I dont know all but still feels part of the IN Family.  Thank you for making us always feel that IN is at our disposal for any of our needs. We feel it truly!  We look forward to several more decades of IN!

Jong, I knew you for 10 years now yet  I got to be your friend when you are done being ‘gago’ na, so I cant say am so glad you changed and so on and so forth. But I can say am proud of who you are, although I wish you are less busy! You wear so many hats kasi. I know a lot of suppliers now who look up to you as their mentor in photography, some looks up to you for your business acumen and now your IN family looks up to you as their spiritual leader.  Whatever it is that you are, you have been giving a lot of yourself to so many people. Please keep doing what it is you are doing, except be less ma drama and matampuhin! Hahah Congratulations again and happy 10th year anniversary.  Hope you enjoy the surprise party! Arent you so proud of how the party came about? It is all about everybody’s LOVE for you!


WhoRidesAVespa? ME!

February 6, 2012 § 4 Comments

Wow I actually had a hard time logging in and starting this post as I dont even remember what my password was na 🙂 hehehe.

One thing I learned is I salute those who regularly blogs. Either I am tamad, too busy, unorganized or spends way too much time in FB kaya I really have a hard time blogging. There’s so much I want to blog na done na ioorganize ko na lang kaso… sometimes I feel guilty kasi when I start to blog I want to be able to finish it and when Laya cries or seeks my attention na I feel either bitin/inis kasi I wanna finish or guilty kasi I wanna spend time with her.  So ayun unti unti until nag stop na ako… may isang time nakalimutan ko nga na may blog pala ako hahaha.  Once in a while it creeps on me and urging me to blog this and that… hopefully one time I get my groove back and blog again.

For now I am back kasi I wanted to tell my Vespa Ride Adventure. I did it via photo blog thru the my FB Album but I figured there’s still so much I wanna say, so here I am.

Ok I have always been asked by so many friends why I am ok with Didda Abet riding his Vespa. Well, I really dont think he’d be unsafe sa Vespa, kasi he is not a fast driver or a speed demon, hehe tumatanda na siya eh, so kampante ako (except during long rides in the early years).  Besides, when I met him during college he was riding a motorcycle na talaga, so di naman foreign sa akin ang pag momotor niya.  Tapos Vespa pa is so nice and well actually what really made be believe it is the right time for him to buy one was when he said he will buy a Vespa so he can bring Kite to school… awww swooon what a great dad diba? *rolleyes* Hinatid niya nung first day sa school, and that was the last time na din.  Ang traffic daw, nauusukan lang sila kasi halos standstill ang traffic, mahirap daw kasi ang laki ng bag… methink it is simply because it is not fun to wake up in the morning IF you have to do a chore.  Oh well!

Josh at 7 years old

It turned out his Vespa was a hit with all the nieces and nephews. They would want to take turns (as in turns ha, paulit ulit) around the area.  Sometimes when we go home and before we go up to the unit, sila ni Kite mag one round in the area pa bago sila aakyat ng bahay.  Well those were the days.  Ang dami din naging changes sa buhay namin dahil sa Vespa, nagkaroon siya ng ibang world, nag oout of town siya for days with his Vespa friends, nag camping pa nga sila ni Kite with the VespaClub eh (I like it kasi I get ‘me’ time when he is aways), naging part na din ng life namin ang Vespa Club (hehe feeling ko honorary member ako, nangengealam ako madalas, hanap ako ng gagawa ng patches, ng membership cards etc etc well it’s because Abet was the club president din kasi and after his term I got to know din all the other presidents and officers and member – dapat magpakilala para mahiya naman siya sa akin if they do hanky panky with Abet *may laman haha*), may wall of Vespas na din kami sa bahay at puro Vespa na din ang naging pasalubong sa kanya etc etc.

Me and his Vespa? Once lang ako naka sakay nung bago pa yung Vespa. Naku po from our house to Greenhills Promenade lang kaso am so praning! I was just using a small shoulder bag but ang feeling bawat tatabi na naka motor or mga vendor or any pedestrian eh ang bilis lang nila hablutin yung bag ko, more than the bag it was the experience and the trauma with it that I do not want to encounter. Tsaka ayaw ko yung naalog pwet ko 😦 Hmmph dinibdib yata ni Didda yung angal ko kasi never na niya ako ulit inayang umangkas.  Hehehe until yesterday, I had plans na today to meet with a friend for merienda and shop around sa Mega sana, but was told na mag UP daw kami to meet Cox (his Vespa friend na painter who did a drawing of our fam, super thanks Cox!)

I had long wanted a painting/drawing of us na talagang commissioned. I love anything and everything personalized talaga. The only thing we have na drawing/artwork of us was one done by our good friend Mike Fua for our wedding He did the 6 in our 1026 logo the nekid couple forming the number 6. Aww too bad we dont have a hard copy… hmm will ask Mike nga if he could do it for us.)

Anyway, yung nga we will go to UP daw to eat isaw and meet Cox there and mag Vespa daw kami! Ack! Ako takang taka why, biglaan, di naman namin yan napagusapan earlier, di ko maconnect why naisip niya but sige mukhang may possibility naman yung trip maging enjoy kasi nabasa ko yung experience nila Bimbo & Des nung nag Pranjetto sila eh, sige nga ma try nga besides the drawing is something to look forward to and so is the ice cream there, di ako looking forward sa isaw kasi lie low ako sa death-food dahil paalis kami sa tuesday and I dont want any possible problem besides I was devouring super yummy chicharon the past few days na, the guilt is enough. Off we go to the adventure, and let me share them with you…

trying to capture us in our 'ride'

still trying to capture us

here's what a pillion rider sees

enjoy! will do this again 🙂

The rest of the photos are in my WhoRidesAVespa FB Album.

What I learned in this trip:

1. It is dangerous but enjoyable – ride only with people you trust completely. I understand how easily an accident can happen. Pray and enjoy life! Whether or not you ride on two wheels! Life is precious.

2. The wind is really strong and stings the eye (moreso if you dont wear glasses) so those helmet with shield is really necessary unless like me you just hide behind the rider 🙂

3. You get a different perspective of the road. I notice the view more (Katipunan Area with Antipolo view), I notice the weather (nice nice weather at 430pm, my fave time of the day), you appreciate life (I felt happy as we cruise along Katipunan with the sun out but not stinging our skin, with the wind cool yet not cold, with the trees shading us etc etc) and you smell everything too, gas smell – I like; tambucho – I hate!

4. Nakaka takot pag bigla andar yung jerk lalo na if di ka ready, kaya dapat hawak ka at all times. And yung stop lights with countdown ayy super love yan.

5. Di ka pwedeng mamili bigla, bago ka bibili iisipin mo muna saan siya ilalagay!

6. It is fun to do be open to new experience.

7. It is always fun to have couple time <3.

Till the next joyride!

PS. As I was tagging Cox in the photo I googled him… whoah! Here are some articles on him that I really liked 🙂

Daniel Coquilla’s Art of Street Culture
by: Christiane L. de la Paz

Dansoy Coquilla and the View (from) Above

August 1, 2010, 5:08pm

View his multiply site and some of his work and more about him.

Thanks again Cox! We are honored to be drawn 🙂



Got the painted one na from Cox 🙂

Myra Gaye Sare

December 22, 2011 § 6 Comments

This is a long overdue post. I’ve been wanting to write this for so long but never found the chance.

I always hear people say that close contact with death changes you. I agree. 40 days ago our friend Myra Sare succumbed to colon cancer. It was quick. They learned about her condition just a month before her death. Usually when people find out about her death and the suddenness of it the first instinct is to check their own health and fear death, a number of peeps in the wedding industry are going for executive checkups soon. But me it was not the effect, instead I wish when I go I would be able to have lived a life as full as hers.  Hers may be a short life (she died at 37 years old) but it was full to the brim, overflowing even.  Her relationship with her kids is one I find myself leaning towards to. I vividly remember how impressed I was with her mothering skills when during the early days of Facebook when we would answer questions and post them under notes… this is hers and it knocked me off my sock! I have a very good relationship with my daughter Kite, we are close and we get along really well but we do have the usual issues, those please do this and do that first and that is what she remember me saying to her most often. But My is different, among all my mommy friends it is ONLY her kids who answered the question this way:

1. What is something Mommy always say to you?
Nik: I love u! 

1. What is something Mommy always say to you?
Max: I love you! 

I remember looking up to My so much after that. Her kids are normal, napapagalitan, nasesermonan, hindi perfect pero I Love You and answer nila. I am a mom and I say I love you to Kite often enough but still it is my nagging she remember more than my I Love You and mine is normal, for My to be remembered for her I Love You’s wow that is super big deal and super telling. Impressive really!

My spent the last I think 5 or 6 years of her life being a full time mom, so she monitored her kids’ every move and every growth and every development, she died not wishing she spent more time at home and less time working or being out with friends etc. I bet you she had a much much greater relationship with her kids than a lot of those who lived up to see their kids have kids! Her kids know and will forever remember their mom even when their mom left them at 13 and 10 years old.  She instilled the right values and characters in her kids. And it is because she stayed home that she was also able to give back to her parents by caring for them and being there for them for their every needs.  She was able to give back and serve her parents back even in her short life. Oh her yaya is with her the past 10 years! At this day and age, who else have such loyal yaya, she must be a really great person right?! Oh the mommies who read this will agree how rare it is to have yaya staying this long. And her yaya spoke too on her eulogy, that is the kind of person she is. Damn impressive right!?!

Her social life wasn’t empty too. She regularly met up with her old gang and her other friends. Heck, she even had the chance to go out of the country with friends, not once but twice! Her last three years was spent going in and out of town, checking in at the swankiest resorts for every possible occasion, her birthday, their wedding anniversary or when there is a great groupon deals; they would also regularly luxe on 5 star hotels in the Metro. She even had the chance to go out of the country with her whole family with siblings and nieces and nephews and her parents. And the designer bags we lusted for years and years ago? She got em, not one not two but lots! Like I told you she did have a charmed life 🙂

Her relationship with her husband is also one for the book. How often can you find a wife so in love with their husband after 14 years? I can feel how much love she have for Bong, as in super in love at kilig na kilig pa din siya kay Bong after all these years. And yes they do fight, as in ekek arte small stuff, like I said their marriage was never on the rocks.  She was able to enjoy so much out of life with Bong. Grabe sobra siyang saya sa buhay nilang mag asawa. Something so rare and something so valuable.  I think she is maybe more in love pa than when they got married, and how many couples can even say that! Grabe right?

She died and there’s not a single ‘I wish’ on her death bed. Not just that but there’s not even a need for bilin as everything is perfect in her world, of course perfect in a relative way, if it was indeed perfect then cancer wouldnt have been in the picture. But as a mom, I think you guys know what I am trying to say. There was no need to bilin her kids or bilin this and that she knew all will be taken cared of perfectly. When I hear people feeling sorry for My, I dont quite agree. I feel sad she wont see her kids grow but her life is so much more full than probably 95% of the people in this world. Her happiness cup is fuller most people too!

Because of My I am now a happier person, I now enjoy and savor each and every single day that I have, every single things that I own, and every single thing that I am able to do, I no longer dream of what I want to have, where I want to go or what I want to achieve but now I strive to have a life as full as hers. I rather live full than live long. I laugh heartier now too!

Thank you My for this important lesson in life. Those who know her or met her will know she is not a loud flashy person, but she is a very steady person, she knows what are the most important things in life and she valued them and she lived her life to the fullest! She never felt the need to brag, to show off nor to upstage anyone, she is happy in her lot. Her life is one of those who got the most quality!  I can’t name a single person who had a happier life than her. Oh, according to Bong she cried when she first told Bong about the cancer diagnosis but never again after that! During her 1 month stay in the hospital, she never cried, questioned nor pitied herself/her situation. I think deep down she knows even with the cancer, she is one pretty lucky person and her life, even that short, rocked!

Thank you for your life and for all that we learned from you. We’re missing you!

Happy 1026!

October 25, 2011 § 11 Comments

Happy Anniversary to me & Didda! Yoohoo 13 years and passing it.

Here’s my gift 🙂

Am sure siya walang gift sa akin hahaha.  May gift pala siya sa akin 🙂 pahiya ako, as in hahaha. Actually ako din walang gift til I read Marjorie’s post sa W@W on her Kokeshi dolls. Syempre I also want kaso super kulang na sa oras kasi that’s10 days before the anniv and besies si Didda ang creative sa amin baka may mga magagandang ideas siya eh so I made a request to Khristine if pwede make first stages lang muna matapos by Oct 26 so I can give the gift yet we can still get Didda’s input.

So here is my ‘gift’ 🙂

O Didda, finalize ko na or may naiisip kang ibang idea? Am adding lang a Marge image sa damit ko kasi Kite said parang di bagay if I became Marge eh kayo you are wearing them lang.

Wow ang bilis, here’s the revised one na.

Happy happy anniversary to the life of the house and for making it so much fun here at home! I love you 🙂


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Am so having fun with the Foursquare App. Kakatuwa kasi you get badges, mayorships and scores. I know Facebook has check ins din but its not as fun as this one and check ins in FB tends to get annoying pag solo solo lang, fun yun if you are checking in with friends. Tsaka sa FB parang nagyayaban ka lang if you check in in so many places in a day. Tsaka scary kasi you have so many friends there.

I even rely of the tips and advices left by others who checked in when visiting new restaurants. I also am enjoying the specials, kaso I think it will catch on pa lang kaya konting establishments pa lang may specials.

Wala lang wanna tell you lang am so enjoying this. But since this is kinda like telling everyone where I am at every stop I make I choose closely sino lang mga aapprove kong friends here. If I didnt approve you and you notice just tell me saan kita friend kasi minsan first name lang naka lagay so I dont approve it.

Yun lang enjoy ako makipagkulitan sa akin FourSquares friends. Nanghihinayang lang ako kasi di ko ito kinareer nung nasa Australia kami. hmmph!

See yo at Foursquares.


A Breastfeeding Year in Pictures

September 2, 2011 § 9 Comments

This entry was supposed to be up yesterday (the other day na pala kasi lumampas ako ulit) last day ng Breastfeeding month. The idea came to me after I saw Clarice’s breastfeeding picture, kala ko madali lang, just grab the pictures from FB then post isang entry na agad. Nyeks di pala kasi I would remember may iba pa palang picture so hahanapin ko muna sa external disk ko, tapos chineck ko din iPhone album ko if I have more etc, then finding out what date the picture was taken etc. Tapos siningit ko muna yung entry for Didda’s Bday ayun naiwan na ito.

Anyway, I am not naman wanting to have breastfeeding pictures but sometimes we dont have time to wait till Laya finishes feeding and take the picture so if on the go, picture na kung picture keber kung feeding siya o hindi. I guess lucky ako kasi unang breastfeeding picture ko si Stan ang kumuha (am comfy with him kasi asawa yan ni Jenny na breastfeeding advocate so he had seen his share na, besides when I breastfeed for sure walang exposure involved (I am super not comfy seeing exposure while breastfeeding, I super do not like it, please dont impose your boobies to others naman na), also sayang yung 1 hour allotment sa Stork Studio session so maski Laya needs a break to feed ayy picture time pa din yun hahaha) tapos umani pa ng puri yung shot so na flatter naman ako.

Here goes:

My very first Breastfeeding Pictures na umani ng comments sa FB | Laya at 3 months (photo by Stan Ong for Stork Studio | nursing wear by Plume) June 2010

Wedding ni CJ & Ira nag gate crash si Laya dito, nasalubong namin si Oly di ko alam paano sasabihin am feeding so nagpose na lang ako 🙂 | Laya at 4 months (photo by Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto | nursing wear by Plume | Santuario San Jose) July 2010

Breastfeeding Month 2010 Latch’s Exhibit in Eastwood Mall | Laya at 5 months (photo by Didda | nursing wear by Plume) August 2010

6th month Photo shoot (photo by Stan for Stork Studio | nursing wear by Au Lait) September 2010

I love this shot taken by Didda via his iPhone, banca ride back to Club Paradise | Laya at 9 months  December 2010

At Bataan | Laya at 10 months (photo by Didda |nursing wear by Mamaway) January 2011

Mae’s Baby Shower at Threelogy Office | Laya at 10 months (photo by Cielo? | nursing wear by Mamaway) January 2011

Circus Act at home | Laya at 11 months (photo by Kite | nursing sleepwear by Mothercare) February 2011

Sydney Harbor Bridge & Opera House at night | Laya at 15 months (photo by John Sudario | nursing wear by Mamaway) May 2011

Bondi Beach, Australia | Laya at 15 months (photo by Didda | nursing wear Mamaway) May 2011

Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall | Laya at 15 months (photo by Leng & Didda | nursing wear Mamaway) May 2011

Sydney’s Darling Harbor | Laya at 15 months (photo by Kite | nursing wear by Blissful Babes sleepwear actually yan) May 2011

Ninonuevo-Reyes Mansion at Lyla’s 1st Birthday Party | Laya at 15months (photo by Rey Tuazon | nursing wear by Au Lait) May 2011

Sorry this is just an indulgence post. It’s me patting myself on the back. There’s no more picture of me feeding the past few months kasi Laya feeds mostly at night time now.

Thanks. I doubt if next breastfeeding month am still this active, oh well. Happy Breastfeeding Month to all!

My Childhood!

August 14, 2011 § 10 Comments

It’s my turn! This is all about me! Sorry kayo blog ko ito and I can do this 🙂

Umpisahan natin ang mga pictures sa nanay ko para maganda. Oh ayan sorry di ako ampon. She’s 7 months preggy here.

di ko alam ano ine-emote ng nanay ko dito and kung nasaan ako I should be 2 months old by this time, bat di niya ako inaalagaan? Tsaka di siguro ito bahay namin? Sosyal nasa hotel? Bakit? eh baby pa ako asan ako??? Iniwan? hmm di maganda yan.

a six months old, naku tagal ng buhay ng silver tinsel Christmas tree namin na yan, naalala ko pa nung nagpalit kami to the green na plastic tree.

8 months old ako nito, ano ba yan Feb. na may Christmas Tree pa sa bahay na-mamana pala yang ugaling yan

madalas din kami sa Luneta, dun kami ng younger brother ko pinapaarawan. Or morning exercise siguro.

She’s a boy, bat naman mukha akong boy:(  Sana Amorsolo na lang yung painting!

di ko mabasa nakasulat sa cake (uuyy Hizon’s yan) pero di ko ito birthday but sila nakiki picture with me? Anong meron pag September? *puzzled* siguro parang bahay namin ngayon minsan maski walang occasion bumibili kami ng Hizon’s cake

naku madalas din kami sa Nayong Pilipino… I therefore conclude lakwatsera pamilya namin! at mahilig magpicture.

I like your pants mader! Yung pictures ko na naka collage sa wall -Bob’s Studio yan- am sure familiar sa mga friendships ko kasi hanggang after college yata nasa room ko yan tapos nilipat sa room ko sa Baguio na bahay eh.

dala dala namin sa bagong bahay ang Christmas Tree of course!

itong picture ko naku naka frame at naka display sa room ko until High School kaso nung mataba ako nahiya na ako kaya pinaalis ko na niloloko ako ng mga tao na taba taba eh. See the flower sa dress ko? Painted yan, ewan ko if mura or mahal sinasabi ko lang kasi naaalala ko.

pag nanay ang kasama sa Luneta may lobo, pag contrabidang auntie wala! hmph!

Ganito kami mag party noon, ewan ko kung bongga yan pero sabi ng nanay ko bongga daw yan (kaso di lahat ng sinasabi ko sa anak ko totoo so now napapaisip ako if totoo nga o hindi) basta ang saya saya namin niyan. Sino kaya yung mga bisita ko? Parang walang familiar? Nancy, Oliver Ruber, Sherington, Sherwin, Ahia Mike, Steve, Achi Annabele, Ramon nasaan kayo? Di kayo umattend ng bday party ko?

Back then your yayas stays with you for years! Yaya Cely on the left umalis sa amin kasi may sakit siya but matagal yan sa amin, si Yaya Nilda on the right stayed with us for a long time  siya pa yaya ni brother for a long time until nag abroad siya, alam ko pa name ni Nilda Parreno, ma google at FB nga pag tapos nito.

My very First Flower Girl gig. Ahh ipopost ko ito sa FB para makita ng mga pinsan ko wedding picture ng magulang nila haha 🙂 matuwa kaya sila or mahiya? Diyos ko po ubos na halos kaibigan kong single, parang awa na ninyo kunin ninyong mag flower girl si Laya! Ako na sagot sa gown niya please (maka 3 times lang ok na ako)

Girl ako 🙂

Ford Fiera ng uncle ko (yes yung kinasal kung saan akoay flower girl) for his beef ball business na sinusupply dun sa fast food ng mom ko

you know you are Chinese if… you look forward to the bloom of this plant at midnight, it blooms for a few hours lang tapos dead na pag morning; tapos ipapa tuyo na ng mom ko tapos sa ref na yan kasi ingredients ng mudra sa sabaw pampaganda niya. Anybody here knows what this plant is called? Naku ang dami ko nang igu-google after this post. Also here is one of my mom’s super good friend kaso she passed away na tagal na. Sa HK siya based tapos siya taga luto ng Shanghai Hairy Crab ko whenever we are in HK tapos sa hotel namin kakainin. Yummy!

Ayan the brother dumating na. TV namin yung uso noon nasasara haha

Nakita ninyo yang stroller? Kaloka diba? Actually nagtataka ako bat buhay pa kapatid ko imagine ang laki ng chances na ma accidente diyan. Puritang klaseng stroller kaya yan? Pwede ka pang ma tetano sa grills sa ilalim eh.

June birthday namin magkakapatid at six years pagitan namin sa isa’t isa kaya madalas combi ang party. Ito naman ang ka share ko eh si brother 1 siya ako 7 na. Oo na kamukha ko tatay ko.

di ko mahanap malaking image nito puro contact prints lang

malamang Chinese Garden ng Luneta ito gaano kayang kadaming oras nauubos namin kaka picture?

Luneta pa din.

Sandali baka sabihin ninyo di talaga ako madalas sa Makati, eto prueba! Di lang kami panay Luneta 🙂

ito ang aming playground, naku too many fond memories of my childhood, yung dulo sa left bahay nila Ton & Sherwin before their house kina Kim naman pero lumpiat sila sa likod after a while.

ito naman yung facing other side, yun nakikita sa tapat yung ilalim niyang may sari sari store, natuto akong tumawid kapupunta diyan, tapos near that may panaderya din buy kami pandesal ang liit lang tapos ang tamis. pero further pa sa street takot na ako di na kami pinapayagan ng mga yaya namin to go there dangerous na.

di lang ako Luneta & Makati girl noon, Malate girl din. Diyan kasi nakatira friend ng mom ko na kapitabahay nila Katie na classmate ko sa grade school. Yan si Katie, at friends pa din kami until now… ilang years na Katie? 🙂

kamukha kami ng mommy ko… ng damit! yan yung shelf ng mudra ng shoes & bags. At syempre naka balandra yung make up luggage niya.

super love ko itong resto at alam ko may picture pa ako eating the corn. super insist ako eating here heheh brat brat ko!

end this with a nice photo of me 🙂

Tama na nataob ko na nanay ko 30+ pictures ko kanya 20+ lang.


I had a super great childhood and I just hope Kite & Laya will remember how much fun their childhood was too when they grow old. I think everybody have lotsa good memories but some remember the bad when they grow old, others remember the good lang. It’s all in the perspective.

Of course madami din kaming sad memories, daming dinaanan family namin but it is still a lot more fun than bad.

Hope your memory of your childhood is fun too.

My Mommy! A Brag Post

August 14, 2011 § 30 Comments

Ok nagpunta ako sa house ng mom ko sometime last week, matagal na matagal ko na yan planong gawin kaso nakakatamad kasi ang dumi dumi ng bahay kasi walang nakatira, but last week nga nagpascan ako ng pictures na meron ko dito sa amin para madigitize na (at ma blog or ma FB upload) eh natapos na niya so pag return niya ng batch 1 gusto ko padala na ang batch 2 para di sayang sa biyahe so yun ang reason ng why now. But as I was checking the pictures out grabe they are so so precious and I was too excited to show off my pretty mom so nag scan ako ng mga fav ko, di ko namalayan nasa hundreds na pala yung iniscan ko. So here they are.

My Mommy 🙂   (favorite ako niyan!)

oh diba prettiness ng mudra? itong dresser niya playground ko minsan, nagme-makeup ako sa sarili ko. Yung mga gamit niya sa make up hay until she died yun pa din like yung lalagyan ng loose powder, yung gold gold na lalagyan ng tissue paper and etc.

uuyy ako yung little CUTE girl at ate ko yung isang girl… anybody knows where this is? Makati ba?

nice ng outfit diba? ito yung compound where we lived when I was 1 year old until mga 21 siguro ako (my childhood barkada all came from this compound – may kapitbahay kaming bombay kaya nalaman ko na nagibilad sila ng mga pagkain nila sa araw tsaka may amoy na iba sa bahay -uuy di ako racist ha, bahay namin may amoy din pang Thailand amin amoy curry kami- tapos may neighbor kaming Espanol, hmm asan na si Ramon Machuka, mag google or FB search nga, sila Nancy, Oliver, Ruben, Sherington, Sherwin, Achi Annabelle, Cindy, Kim, Kent and their cousin Dodong am in touch with until now; si Ahia Mike & Steve mahahanap ko kasi pinsan ng kabarkada ko si Ramon unaccounted, sila Jessie yung landloard namin di namin ka barkada kasi rich sila Benz ba naman lahat ng kotse as in madami ha more than 3 na Benz yun aber!) pucha nag FB search ako at nahanao ko ng si Ramon..tignan mo nga naman. Kamusta kaya sister niyang pretty na si Potpot?

if I am correct Rizal Theater ito, Nasa Makati likod ng Rustan’s where 6750 is located now. Tama ba mga oldies?

ito sure ako Makati ito sa Goldcrest yan, tambay ako dito noon habang nagtatao sa fastfood nanay ko at auntie ko

tambay nga kami sa Makati naniniwala na ba kayo?

kung hindi ito ang isa pang proof. maniwala na kayo or dadagdagan ko ito!

I think mahuhulaan ng lahat anong hotel ito. Ilalim nito ay Spirals na ngayon.

if tama ako ito yung labas na part nung hotel sa itaas.

Paco Park right?

ang ganda nung clock na ito, asan na kaya? (Philippine Airport kaya ito?)

ito sure ako dito sa Pilipinas itong airport na ito, may mumu na kaya noon pa?

siya yung pag nag abroad may maleta ang  mgamake up niya, and kung tulungan ng pagbuhat ang usapan unang una akong kukuha nito pinaka magaan eh hahaha wais ito. andun pa yata itong make up bag sa bahay eh

itong place na ito vivid sa utak ko, malapit lang ito sa bahay namin sa Roxas Blvd ito (Dewey pa nun) but di ko alam ano siya, please help if anybody know this place. Ang dalas dalas namin dito pero di ko maalala anong place siya.

ganito mga pictures namin for a time noon, promo siguro ng Kodak

o-ha! kaya niyo yan?

naman na waistline yan!

alam ko sa barko ito at natulog kami dito pero ewan ko din bakit or ano ano napuntahan namin? Corregidor ba? Sana may nakaka-alam, share naman. yeah yeah yeah alam ko naman and yes mahal na mahal ko tatay ko pero sana nanay ko ka-carbon copy ko *sigh* wish lang naman

sa Luneta yan, ewan ko din ba anong ginagawa namin dis oras ng gabi doon at ganyan ang outfit! kaloka!

eto na, ito yung kontrabida sa buhay ko. siya yung nanay ng housemate namin ngayon (auntie ko siya bunsong kapatid ng mommy ko, sampu lang naman sila) naku di umuubra lahat ng drama ko dito sa auntie ko, nagrolyo na ako sa Luneta kaiiyak para lang sa lobo kaso iniwan lang nila ako so ayaw ko naman maiwan dun, eh di end ng drama tayo ako at sabay habol, pero nagmamaktol ha di pa ako tapos um-emote eh. pero syempre bati na kami ngayon pero takot pa din ako sa kanya! Talagang what goes around comes around, siya nagasikaso sa amin nung time na busy busyhan na nanay ko, now my turn naman to take care of her kid, then si Unca Maimai I suppose will watch out for Kite & Laya eventually din.

ito help din, ang dalas namin dito, asan ba ito?

ang fresh ng fez noh? kainis di pinasa ang genes sa akin hmpph

maski naka maong ang ganda pa din di siya casual looking pag maganda ka pumorma, that’s my younger brother

ikaw kaya mo icarry and red pantsuit? wala ka sa lolo ko!

di pa uso animal rights nun! hula ko kaya ganito ang pose niya kasi show off niya new nose niya ssshhh secret yun!

Nanay ko pa din ang pinaka vain na tao sa lahat ng nakilala ko wala pang tatalo sa kanya promise! Siya yung wala akong pakialam kung gaano kasakit basta maganda kayang kaya yan, tiis ganda ang motto sa buhay! Dahil sa kanyang vanity naka dalawang trip ako to Japan nung bata pa ako, dun pa siya nagpa enhance eh, wala pa kasi dito.  Yung vanity niya? Accepted na namin yung, no issue at all, actually siya may issue kasi di kami ganoon, galit yan sa amin kasi di kami willing uminom ng kung ano anong mapapait na gamot/sabaw pangpaganda ng skin at ano ano pa. Yeah di ko natutuhan yung mag-ayos ayos but kung may natutuhan ako from my mom it is how she is such a dear person to all her friends and I want that for my kids too. Yung love ng friends niya sa kanya dahil sa tulong na nabigay niya or dahil sa asikaso niya or dahil sa luto niya walang papantay. I saw how good her friends treat us dahil lang sa lahat ng nagawa ng mom ko for them and yan goal ko talaga yan to spread good while I am alive so I know people will make sure my kids are ok if something happens to us. And true ha, yung mga tinulungan niya when she got plenty were there and were so loyal when she had none. She got very good friends talaga. Di ko na nga lang alam asan sila ngayon. I do wish I made effort and learned Chinese para nacontinue ko yung communication with them. Oh well.

O nahiya ako 25 pictures lang ito. BUT when all the pictures nascan na nung pinapag scan-an ko (thanks Maan for telling me Jhen does it) di ko ma promise wala itong part 2!

I love you mommy!

ps. hay ang tagal in the making ng blog post na ito… pag scan lang ilang gabi na, tapos ihiwa-hiwalayin yung mga pictures ilang araw din, pag pili ng pictures ay sus… eniwey, but na lang isa lang nanay ko. Abangan ninyo din yung next post ko, ako naman bida doon!

Personalized Gifts

August 12, 2011 § 14 Comments

I so love receiving personalized gift.

(lucky me for having friends who always send such).

Sharing them here, mag ‘ber’ months na at malapit na ang Christmas.

Here are gifts that I gave away: (click on image to go to the website of maker)

The Write Impression gave us this memo pad as gift and the year after we gave it to friends naman. (by The Write Impression | photo by Alpha)

Personalized fans with Logo

I loved having my own name in my fan. Luckily, Didda Abet‘s hometown is Lumban, the land of Barong.  He got a lot of relatives there who can help us source and order these fans. So last Christmas 2008, this is what we gave away, then again last year to the some other friends. Now our nephew in Lumban is our go-to guy if there’s order for this. He found the source and can handle orders na if may bulk orders.

Personalized Picture Frame

Gave this away to kids of our friends last 2008. Was actually hoping the makers still make them coz some of my friends got new kids na but they dont anymore daw 😦 boohoo

Memo pad with their handwriting

I had Kite ask her classmates write their name in a paper and then sent it to Noky to scan and place sa top ng memo pad. Perfect for first graders huh? Kite’s gift to her Grade 1 Classmates. (by Wink – Written in Ink)

Gift Cards

Gift Cards – gifts to Kite’s prep classmates 🙂 (by The Write Impression)

Polymer Figures USB

We had this Kite USB made in Bangkok and we were so amazed.

When we saw Clay Creation here we showed her these and she added this as their line na since. For a year almost all our family & friends got this for gifts from us.

These are made na by Clay Creations. (by Clay Creations)

VCOP Officers Year 2008

This is Abet’s gift to his set of officers during his term as President of Vespa Club of the Philippines. Super aliw ako kasi pati yung color ng Vespa nila pinagaya namin. (by Clay Creation)

Maong Apron with Embroidery

My friend Yvonne (her gifts are always personalized) gave me one as gift and 2 years after ito na gift ko din sa friends ko. Love it 🙂

Floor Tote

I met Lynlyn in a bazaar in Rockwell and ordered these floor totes from her last Christmas 2009.   (ordered from

Bag Tags

Kite’s gift to friends & classmate’s when she was in Kinder 🙂 (by Tagz Inc.)


Ordered from a wedding supplier but she sold her business na. Gift ni Kite to her classmate sa Grade 2 farewell party.

This one is a marvelous idea kasi cost niya nasa P25 lang per pad. Erron Ocampo did all the illustrations in our 2011 W@W Desktop Calendar, aside from the illustrations on the cities he also made illustrations of Malacanan Palace, DOT Building and the Building where we stay for our message place. We found his illustration of our building too nice to just use once so I had this brilliant idea na gawing note pad and ipa print but syempre bida si Abet Rana his idea is brilliant-er izerox na lang para mas mura at mas madaling gawin. Ayun we printed it sa isang bond paper, per bond paper 4 na memo pad ng kasya, we place each name of the recipient (lahat ng kapit bahay namin na alam namin ang name ginawan namin, meron pang lobby guard, sa akin lang I have Benz Rana, Mr & Mrs Rana, Bennette Rana). Tapos pina-photocopy sa Copylandia 50 sheets per pad then pina cut ko and pina pad na lang sa Kenstar Graphics, printing press where all our printed materials are done. Ito super galing talaga. I love I love! Thanks Erron!

Picture Bag

We used to order A LOT of picture bags sa ibang supplier and they used tarp printing lang, when my sister in law Ellen who’s based in Aus said gusto niya pagawa ng picture bag ulit hinanap ko number ni tarp bag maker kaso di ko na mahanap kasi ilang years ago na yun. Then I remembered seeing this sa wall ni Charisse of Print Diva ayun this bag is a lot nicer kasi the picture is printed sa tela and maganda yung printing niya. Medyo matagal lang ang order so allot 3-4 weeks for order. Happy with this discovery!

Now here are the gifts we received naman na I love:

Notebook na may name na sa labas may name pa sa bawat page from The Write Impression

from Clarice made by Tisha

bag organizer na malaking malaki from Yvonne ulit

toiletry kit na his & hers from Willin/Beabi

kikay bag for Kite & Laya from Yvonne

Will keep adding if I see more. Sige if may maganda kayong gift bigyan niyo ako hahaha!

Laya’s Birthday Party Pictorial

August 11, 2011 § 4 Comments

Our baby Laya turned 1 last March and instead of having a big birthday party we had pocket celebrations and a birthday pictorial.  The pocket parties were planned, we started with a family dinner (just people in our house), a family dinner (all of Didda’s side) and another party in Australia where we spent the summer.  The pictorial on the other hand wasn’t planned it just fell into place.  We had quarterly shoot with The Stork Studio and on her 9th month Sofia suggested an outdoor shoot but we were not ready for it so we had it inside the studio, but on our way home after the 9th month shoot, John said we can do outdoors the next time and just prepare a small table for four and have a small cake so we’d have a birthday themed pictorial since it will be her 12th month. That was my ‘aha’ moment and it turned into one big production number as soon as we got a nod from Teddy Manuel.

Please read more about the party, the suppliers involved and etc at W@W’s Blog or Didda Abet’s Blog or Mommy Manila’s Blog and please watch the video at Threelogy’s Blog shots from shoot of Phoeben Teocson Cinema 🙂

Am here to brag lang that the party is included in Smart Parenting’s Aug 2011 Issue on Party Special

click to enlarge

We didn’t really plan this pictorial to be a full blown party pictorial but it turned that way and we are so happy. So happy that I would even recommend this to all, both those who intend to throw a big party and to those who don’t.

Why I like it?

1. We didnt spend a fortune throwing a party for her.

2. She didnt need to endure a party she wont remember yet we have party pictures for her to enjoy when she grow old.

3. We got a LOT of pretty family pictures. We always miss having family pictures during our parties because we are all busy entertaining our own guests and when we do get some snapshot they are hurried.

4. We got to do dream set up we wouldn’t be able to afford for an actual party.

5. It is so damn fun! We were just busy looking good and having fun, no guest to care for and no program to follow!

Oh I super suggest this to other families! Now if I can just convince Kite to not celebrate her debut haha!

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