Travel Kwento: SURIGAO

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Travel Dates: April 11-13, 2013

Travel Companion: Didda, Me, Kite, Laya & Yaya Jhona, Bong and his kids Nik & Max

Backgrounder: I saw Club Tara’s deal on groupon sites na, found it interesting kasi new place, kasi Rhila posted about Jellyfish Lake, kasi si Yaya Jhona taga Surigao. BUT my I stopped myself kasi baka bili bili tapos ma stress lang para gamitin before mag expire. So deadma na.  Tapos nag offer ulit sila nung November so tinignan ko ulit, but ignored it again. But nag text si Bong may Surigao Club Tara daw sa groupon site if we wanna go for summer for the kids. Hmmm sige for summer pa naman. Ayun bili na kami both that night. We ignored the coupon since we dont have our summer sched pa naman. Come January I started checking na sa Trip Advisor waaaahhh the feedback on the resort was so bad 😦 But sayang na the coupon P13,000 din ito. So mind conditioning na lang. I started checking na for flight waaah ang mahal ng flights nila P8000/pax 😦 Pag Cebu Pacific naman no direct flight will go to Cebu muna then Cebu to Surigao at P1000-2000 less per head, hay malaki laki din but baka lalo kaming ma bwisit if sobrang pagod sa biyahe tapos kadiri yung lugar etc etc. Oh well we decided to go na lang via PAL. So far this trip is not going so well. Hmm I was disheartened so dilly dally lang ako. Half thinking if sayangin na lang yung P13k but dyahe naman kina Bong. And am guessing Kite should also experience bad resort para di naman siya puro nice places lang, tsaka maski pa how bad the place is for sure enjoy yan kasami naman fam ni Bong eh. Hay ayun matagal tagal bago ko seryosong inayos ulit yung trip. Mga early March na when we booked our flights. Then upon finalizing with Club Tara doon ko lang nalaman na to reach the resort we have to take a bus/rent a van and the trip is 1 and a half hour long! Tapos need to ride banca pa for another 45 mins. Ha? Eh 2 night lang kami doon tapos tanghali yung flight naku ano pa kaya magagawa namin sa place nila. But at the back of my mind, ok na din para short lang stay namin since pangit ng review sa lugar. Eto pa ang nakaka inis. Alam na na super bulok yung resort, pero acting 5 star sila 😦 if we avail daw of their transfer service we have to pay P1500/pax for 2 pax or P1000/pax if 4 pax or more… imagine transfer lang aabutin kami ng P14,000 for our group or P8,000 for my family! Que horror. I asked how much if we do it ourselves and how is it, easy lang daw and around P6,000-P8,000 round trip if we do it ourselves. yikes I hate pa naman being in a place na wala kang alam and have to rely on asking and haggling but no choice ayaw ko magsayang ng extra P5000 one way. I remember transfer sa Boracay grabe sa mahal eh easy easy lang to do it ourselves. We booked the Sohoton Cave Tour with Jellyfish Lake tour via Club Tara at P1000/pax

PS. P13,000 Club Tara CashCashPinoy Deal is for 2 and full board meals na ito. P16,000 for 4 pax. Free for max of 2 kids below 6 yrs old.

Trip Kwento:

Day 1
Ayun with proper conditioning we are set na. Alam na ng buong grupo to expect the worse and just enjoy being in a new place. Ayun our flight suppose to arrive Surigao at 130pm arrived at 2pm. We went to the bus station and found out the bus left na, although I dont plan to take a bus naman talaga it was medyo kaka tense kasi napaisip ako what if wala ding banca sa pier when we arrive, anyway we hired a van to take us there sa pier. Ok naman but nakaka frustrate/hiya ang system natin. May lumapit sa amin and said P1500 for the van so ok kasi if bus at P200 each that’s P1400 na din naman eh. But when the van came P1700 daw well ok na but nakaka inis kasi naiisip ko kakahiya sa mga foreigner ang mga ganito. We arrived the pier after 1.5 hours and was able to get a banca to bring is to the resort at P1500. Yung banca is small, I sat beside Abet and exacto lang kami, so there’s mga 4 rows. The banca is small as in di ka makalipat ng upuan but stable siya, maski may konting alon di scary, wet lang kasi splash ng tubig. I guess di siya maalon kasi di siya open sea talaga yung dulo is set of islands eh.

Anyway the place looks really nice from afar and upon seeing the room with our expectation so low we were satisfied naman. Thank God for TripAdvisor and their reviews.

We stayed lang sa resort that day, kids went to the pool and we chilled lang then after dinner kids used the jacuzzi in the room. We were told our Sohoton Cave & JellyFish Lake Tour is after lunch. Perfect for us who all hates waking up early. This way we can stay up late if we wish and wake up late too.
Day 2
We woke up had breakfast then the waters were begging for kayak, it was too enticing, so the kids went kayaking while Abet & Bong used the paddle surf. Then when kids got tired and went to the pool, the two boys went kayaking to the snorkling area.

We had lunch and then off we went for to the Sohotan Cave & JellyFish Lake Tour.  We arrived at the tourism area (around 5 mins by boat fromt he resort) when everyone is obliged to stop and pay fees.  I like it that they are very organized, am ok with paying more but the locals get jobs fairly, it does not go to the most agressive instead they all take turns.  We found out upon arriving that for the jellyfish lake we are going to each ride one small banca, and they discouraged bringing Laya so Yaya & Laya stayed sa Tourism Hut.

It was breeding or egg season at the Jellyfish Lake (around 5 mins away from the tourism hut) so we are not allowed to swim, bummer but it gave me a bit of satisfaction to know these boatmen are adhering to the rules, I was half expecting them to allow us in exchange for a hefty tip.  We saw a lot of eggs swimming. By June daw they will allow swimming na and the jellyfish will number to a million.  We did spot a lot of jellyfish but not enough to warrant the name jellyfish lake. Sayang would have love to swim and see it sana but ok na din at least we saw lots naman.

Back to the tourism hut to ride our banca again, our banca is small so we are allowed to use it to go inside Sohotan and need not hire another one, a guide just accompanied us. If I remember correctly fees were P100 each banca to Jellyfish lake then another P500 for the guide who will join our banca to the Sohoton Cave. Sohoton Cave is also a few minutes away form the Tourism Hut.  The entrance is low but we need not lower our head to get inside so tide was perfect upon our entrance, I think the tide gets high at late afternoon so entrance and exit is impassable and those inside wont have a way out (except walk for hours?) But the cave is not really a cave, it is like a whole new world inside, the area is vast and open.

We had 2 stops in there, first is the luminous cave, there’s a small opening and there’s a lake inside and when you take pictures the water is luminous. I didnt get to go in coz am a scaredy cat, but when they told me easy lang I wanted to but Laya was crying na so no na lang.

Next was the jump site, to get to the jump site they have to pass thru a cave and etc. The jump was quite high but Abet & Bong did it.

After that back to the Tourism Hut to drop the guide off then back to the resort. The whole tour took 3 hours. It was the highlight of the trip 🙂  The kids had so much fun they want to go back on June when they can swim with the jellyfish. Back at the resort, we were all hungry and tired… but no food available for order. Diba kaloka? The goods are arriving pa lang that afternoon sabay with new guest coming in. Good thing I brought 2 cans of Vienna Sausage (1 left kasi the kids ate 1 na the night before) & a can of luncheon meat. So I fried them sa kitchen nila and ask them to turn the leftover rice from lunch to garlic rice. Well exacto naman for everyone. Rest rest, nap and the kids playing around. Had dinner then chat a bit but was tired na din and we are to wake up early the next day.

Day 3
Breakfast and leave resort by 9am to get to airport before 12nn for our flight. We stayed in Bastie’s a resto outside the airport that
offers meals and cakes and pastries, coffee and free wifi! Perfect place to stay and wait for flight as the PA system of the airport is
connected to their speakers too. We barely had wifi the whole time in the resort so when a 30 min. flight delay was announced it we were not even bothered nor annoyed 🙂

Overall I would say the trip is fun. Our short stay in the resort was perfect as a even a half a day extension would be too much. A shorter stay also wouldnt suffice as our time is exactly right for our stay. Even the sched of the tour was perfect giving us enough time to eat and do some activities without forcing us to wake up early or rushing to beat time.

Would I go back to the resort. Yes because that is the best place in the area for now but I definitely wont go pay their real rate, will
only go with major discount or coupon deals.

Would I go back there? I dont plan to but I just might for the jellyfish lake.

Was it time well spent? Yes.
Was it money well spent? Maybe not but it’s ok.

Photos at

Travel Kwento: BATANES

April 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

Travel Dates: December 30, 2011 – January 4, 2012

Airfare P12,000/pax (includes travel insurance) booked April 1, 2011; Airfare booked Dec 1, 2011 was at P16,755.20

Fundacion Pacita Family Terrace Suite P9,500/night good for 3 pax, we were charged P1200/night for the extra bed. I booked the room Feb 19, 2011 via website and paid 10% around P3500 then the rest paid to their bank account before we went there although we can choose to settle in cash in Batanes, they dont have no credit card facilities but they are expecting it soon.

Prologue: original trip is Dec 31-Jan4 lang kami kaso Seair texted me around Dec 1 to tell us na the flight on Dec 31 is cancelled and we can either go Dec 30 or Jan 1. I felt 3 days might be bitin so I opted for 5 days. Looking back mas ok sana yung 3 days kaso it would definitely leave me feeling bilin and rushed. Our 5 days there was really long, the last day talagang wala na kaming ginawa. And becuase we have such a long stay na usisa namin ang mga kwarto, naka pag bike kami sa city and etc etc sa akin ok ako sa long stay namin but I know Kite & Didda was bored na nung last day. But good na din kasi now we dont have an urge to go back parang na-namnam na namin siya ng husto.

Tour choices from Fundacion Pacita:

Whole day Batan Island Tour P2100/pax if 4 pax – lunch included

Half Day Northern Tour P1,790/pax if 4 pax – lunch included

Half Day Southern Tour P2,000/pax if 4 pax – lunch included

Sabtang Tour P2,350/pax if 4 pax – lunch included

I also found out we can rent a car at P350/hour (yung rent a car nila pala with driver di pwedeng we drive around) or P3000 for the whole day then if we want a guide too that’s P1000. I asked lang eh mas mura if we get the car and the guide and ask the guide to do the North or South tour with us. So ayun ang ginawa namin. I requested for Roger kasi yun yung isa nirecommend sa akin sa FB. Pag dating sa FP I was asked which Roger kasi 2 daw Roger nila waaah. I just googled and hope the Roger I will google is the right Roger.

*turns out he is not the Roger Ivan of Old Manila Walks was refering to, yung Roger daw is in his 30’s or 40’s fyi.

Travel Diary:

Day 1 (Dec 30) flight was 5:15am, we didnt sleep na kasi we left the house mga 2:30am and to be sure we are in the airport by 3am, kaso our car broke down, new car siya more than 1 year old lang and it broke down so the pessimist in me was asking hmm sign ba ito? well syempre inasikaso muna everything and we were able to leave mga 3am na, dahil madaling araw we got to the airport by 330am, flight was delayed mga 6am na nakaalis. We arrived Basco around 7:30am na. Grabe ang lamig!!! I have been monitoring the weather via yahoo and it says 22-24 degrees and ang Manila daw is 28-29 so I didnt  think it was THAT COLD! hay naku naku naku I kept visiting blogs and nakikita ko shorts and tank tops mga suot, then Abie’s blog said she is not prone to sweat but her dormant glands came alive (yes I know different season but basta yun nga. We went to Baguio mid December and it was less than 20degrees yet ok lang kami so di ako nagdala ng jackets namin! (Yes I know I know, lesson learned na…) Anyway, ok naman mga damit namin kasi I can layer BUT the worrier in me was stressing kasi nga walang jacket. I hate it kasi I prepared and researched.

Well after airport we proceeded to Fundacion Pacita na and was told the rooms are being prepared pa kasi kakaalis lang ng mga guests so have breakfast muna. The breakfast was yummy 🙂 Shortly ready na ang room. I also learned pwede mag pa cargo ng gamit via seair so I scrambled to call the house to prepare the jackets etc para mapadala but yun nga walang flight the next day so our jackets arrive Jan 1. (Malamig lang sa Batanes nung Dec 30, 31, nung Jan 1 di na gaanong malamig grrr, nung Jan 2 & 3 in fact maaraw pa!) I also took the waiting time to find out about tours and booked a tour guide and a car for the next day.

Ok after breakfast we slept lang sa room. Nagising kami 3pm na, had lunch then marvelled at the place lang, picture dito picture doon. Our lunch was super yummy! Bistek na ma garlic and ang sarap at P350 na good for 2 na; then rice is at P30 each and then P120 yung pako salad with yummy vinagrette. Total bill for lunch was P970. Not bad.

Ang siste sa FP, they will ask you lang to choose among the menu for the day ano gusto mong ulam usually it’s 2 dishes lang to choose from.

Yung breakfast set meal yun and kasama sa room cost so walang pili pili dyan. Ang breakfast nila if you are ordering is P350/pax.  Mas mahal pa kesa sa lunch.

We asked din ano ang New Years Eve festivities ng place, di pa daw alam ang plans kasi lahat ng supplies and paputok is nasa barko pa, it left Manila and dapat daw by Dec 24 nasa Batanes na kaso yung last leg ng barko eh di makatuloy tuloy dahil sa lakas ng alon, the fruits on board nga daw are pabulok na. The supplies in the barko is not just for FP but the whole town, mga tindahan daw wala na halos benta and their bigas are really low na sa supply. According to Sec Abad they flew in rice na that day for the town.

Day 2 (Dec 31)

Northern Batan Tour (I chose Northern muna kasi mas malamig yung Southern and wanna wait for our jackets muna).

Our tour was supposed to start at 9am so gising and eat breakfast at 8am, ready na kami by 9am waah the tour guide wasnt there. By 9:30 di na kami natutuwa so Didda said let’s wait na lang sa room tamang tama si Laya want milk na, so we went sa room, shortly after he arrived na, we said wait a bit kasi tulog si Laya. Well off we went sa tour, he apologized kasi daw he was hesitating kasi mukhang uulan, actually sa city daw raining na so sayang lang yung tour if raining etc. Then he proceeded with his tour and kwento about the place, wow impressed kami kasi he is really good and knowledgeable about the place, political leader siya so madaming alam about the city talaga.

We went to Radar Station, Ijang (mga fortress na bato lang no big deal but it was along the way and took maybe an additional few minutes lang so no sweat; Boulder Bay; Rolling Hills (I super love this place!) then nag mamadali na yung tour guide namin bumalik kasi mukhang malakas daw ang ulan so we didnt go na to the lighthouse, we went straight to eat na at Batanes Seaside Resort, dahil Dec 31 wala nang ibang bukas we ate there and the food was blah! pancit bihon and lumpiang shanghai na made of fish and soup na parang tinola na mas maalat ng konti and it was P250 per person! eh yung food namin sa Fundacion na ang sarap na eh sa Fundacion pa was P970, itong sa Batanes Seaside na walang ambiance tapos di masarap eh P1000 grrr at this point I was thinking ulit ok ba yung guide or are we in for a ride… baka maling Roger yung nakuha namin?

Pagasa Station

Boulder Bay

Rolling Hills

Anyway the tour was roughly 3 hours lang including our lunch na mga 45 mins so parang yikes ang bitin yata and ang daming kulang based dun sa IT ng North Tour ng FP.  But when I asked him if we settled with FP or sa kanya he said direct na lang daw, and dun he didnt charge us day rate for the rental ng car instead per hour lang and he charge P1000 for himself so total namin was P2050, ahh bumalik ulit tiwala ko kasi I was ready to pay P4000 na. Madami kaming mga di napuntahan itong day na ito like the Mt Carmel Church and the Lighthouse in Basco.

Secretary Abad's Garden - pang movie!

Upon arriving sa FP we were told we are invited da by Sec Abad for New Year’s Eve daw, just go to his house (within the FP complex naman) at 10pm, have food daw.  We went naman kaso di naman mahilig makichika sila Didda & Kite, tapos Laya was sleeping na so we just dropped by I was really secretly hoping si Pnoy was there as visitor eh, nagpa picture lang ako with Sec . Abad and Patsy (yung girl sa P200 bill) then shortly after eating Didda & Kite went ahead na to the room, ako chumika pa ng konti. Sarap ng Ivatan Adobo 🙂 And super nicey ng pamilya Abad, so nice and accomodating.  Tsaka parang fellowship night siya since other hotel guest were there too. I wuld love to stay if only its not 12 midnight.

**I saw sa bill ng isang guest sa office (tambay kami sa office kasi doon ang wifi, yung 3G namin sumpungin eh minsanok minsan mahina) Coconut Crab so pwede pala umorder doon but feeling ko mahal sa sa town na lang ako kakain.

Day 3 (Jan 1)

Tour of Southern Parts. Dahil nga laging nag dri-drizzle I opted to schedule the tour agad, dapat kasi rest day then tour day after kaso naisip ko what if umulan tapos di pa kami maka tour so pina sched ko na itong tour maski alam ko baka late kami magising dahil nga new Year’s Eve the night before. We just started the tour at 11am. Ito the tour was 6hours long. We went to lots of places. Super notable are the view deck na may mahabang stairs, yung Marlboro Country, and the whole place actually. Ang sarap ng lamig. Although umaambon ambon and paminsan minsan lumalakas ang ulan, sinuwerte kami kasi everytime we reaches a place it stops raining so drizzle lang or sandali lang humihina na. Aside from di kami nakapunta dun sa lighthouse sa South part walang nasira or nagulo sa sched namin because of the rain. Yun lang I worried lang baka magkasakit si Laya. So may mga places na pinuntahan kami na di ko na si Laya pinapababa ng car.  Also the car Kuya Roger brought this day was a rickety old FX. We arrived back sa FP mga 6pm na kasi we started the tour at 11am, also we went to the places na di namin napuntahan the first day like Lighthouse & Mt Carmel kaya din siguro humaba ang tour. I asked Kuya Roger to find saan makakain ng Coconut Crab kaso wala, most places kasi were close pa tsaka hibernate time daw ng crabs.

Marlboro Country - can't get enough of it

When we reached FP nag ask ako if may Coconut Crab nyeks ubos na daw kasi reserved na, ayun maski mahal sabi ko the next day hanapan nila ako.

Day 4 (Jan 2)

We relaxed lang itong day kasi we were able to go to all places na eh. On our own lang kami so mga after lunch nag tricycle kami ni Didda to Basco and went places, we checked out the other resorts para in case the Vespa Club wants to come eh naka occular na kami ng rooms. Then we went biking around the place. Cost: tricycle fetched us from FP then we went to Pension Ivatan (may bakery kaso maguumpisa pa lang magluto ng bread), Casa Napoli (closed), then Post Office (dyan daw pinanganak si Pacita Abad) Tricycle cost was I think P160 (may computations sila for ilang stops, ilan yung distance and also ilan minutes waiting time sa stops). We then walked around merienda sa SDC Canteen then we rented bikes na P25/hour each bike. Sakit na pwet namin tsaka legs kasi may mga uphills tapos 1 hour lang pala yun.  Then while biking may naamoy kaming baked bread smell so takam na takam kami so mega bike to look for bakery kaso wala, sa SDC lang yata but the bread we ate there was not what we were looking for. Ayun we went back to Pension Ivatan kasi nga by then dapat baked na mga bread nila, ayun dun namin na realize na ang tricycle sa Batanes eh tinatawagan pala, so we called FP to ask a tricycle to pick us up. Initially kasi ang plan was tricycle bring us to town then pasundo na lang kasi sa FP pabalik, but since we wanted pa to go to Pension Ivatan’s bakery we figured tricycle muna tapos doon na kami sunduin ng FP. But after buying bread ayaw na namin maghintay so pahatid kami again sa tricycle to FP this time tricycle cost was P130. Pag dating namin sa FP tamang tama papunta na si Kite & Laya & Yaya to the office so ayun pinasakay muna si Laya sa tricyle ikot ikot.

Dinner namin was Coconut Crab. Buti na lang nagbilin ako kasi hirap din silang makahanap ng crabs but they were able to find for us.  It is yummy kasi ANG DAMI DAMING aligue nung crab, but ang luto nila was parang they steamed it lang eh. Mas yummy pa din for me ang Shanghai Crabs… drool!

Coconut Crab. If you want to eat this you gotta go there, it is not allowed to be brought out of Batanes.

Day 5 (Jan 3)

Last day na namin but wala na kaming maisip anong gagawin, Sabtang is not an option kasi di ako papayag isama sila, mag worry naman ako about the kids if iiwan namin sila ng ganyan katagal and walang 100% assurance makabalik kami kasi may chances ma strand if pangit talaga ang alon.  So wala kaming plano for the day. So we explored FP further, may access kasi ang FP na papunta sa beach nabasa ko sa blog, so ayun ang ginawa namin, josme ang haba haba so mga 3/4 or maybe halfway ayaw ko na kasi ok lang yung pababa but I can imagine if we went all the way down anong hirap yung all the way back up. It was really nice yung stairs so ok na ok na ako maski di kami bumaba sa beach.  After that may time pa so inaya ko si Kite & Didda to go to the rolling hills again since nagmamadali kami when we first went, eh ayaw nila so me, Laya & yaya na lang. Hay grabe ang ganda talaga nung place. Yun nga lang di maganda picture ko kasi si yaya nag picture :(. Tricycle lang din kami again. Round trip cost us mga P260 yata including waiting for us for mga 30 mins while we picture picture there.

Back to room, pack na ng gamit. Then relax and settle na ng bill.

Day 6 (Jan 4)

Woke up yaya had breakfast sa resort kaloka P350 yung congee na kinain niya, kami hindi na kami kumain kasi wala na yung free breakfast kasi we ate breakfast upon arrival, we went straight na to airport. Dun sa airport since tapat ng airport yung Pension Ivatan dun kami kumain, we ordered a several Ivatan dishes to try out.

Please check out pictures at

May mga captions na din mga pictures.

The end 🙂

Super duper thanks to Roslyn for answering my never ending last minute questions; to Jade for her trip with Summer and Winter ayun kaya ako biglang nag decide kaya namin; Abie for her pictures and kwento (ayy sandali di yata ako dapat mag thank you dahil sa iyo Abie shorts dala ko! hahaha joke lang) and Peachy Juban too for her files on Batanes.

Hanggang sa susunod na lakbay 🙂

Please do email if you have questions. Would love to help naman.

Happy 2nd Birthday Laya!

March 28, 2012 § 4 Comments

Ohh our darling Laya (though a handful right now) is turning two already!

We are commemorating this event with a pictorial again instead of a party. And choosing pictorial over parties is proving to be such a wise decision, aside from we got great photos, it also cost a lot less not even a fraction of a party and Laya loves this more as she doesnt like too many people trying to carry and get her. I dont know if it is just because we have easy access to great photographers but I strongly encourage moms to do this. But a word a caution too: it is highly addictive!

Here’s our 2nd Bday Party Pictorial! Of course it has to be Pinoy Pop Culture (si kasi ang nagisip ng concept eh).

Thanks to Stan Ong for the shoot and Joy San Gabriel for the cake 🙂

More photos at my FB Album 🙂

Getting permit to take pictures in Luneta is now easy as 1,23.

The day before the shoot it was raining hard, the day of our shoot we found out was the hottest day of the year so far and the next day it was again raining hard. So lucky noh?

Happy birthday darling Laya!

WhoRidesAVespa? ME!

February 6, 2012 § 4 Comments

Wow I actually had a hard time logging in and starting this post as I dont even remember what my password was na 🙂 hehehe.

One thing I learned is I salute those who regularly blogs. Either I am tamad, too busy, unorganized or spends way too much time in FB kaya I really have a hard time blogging. There’s so much I want to blog na done na ioorganize ko na lang kaso… sometimes I feel guilty kasi when I start to blog I want to be able to finish it and when Laya cries or seeks my attention na I feel either bitin/inis kasi I wanna finish or guilty kasi I wanna spend time with her.  So ayun unti unti until nag stop na ako… may isang time nakalimutan ko nga na may blog pala ako hahaha.  Once in a while it creeps on me and urging me to blog this and that… hopefully one time I get my groove back and blog again.

For now I am back kasi I wanted to tell my Vespa Ride Adventure. I did it via photo blog thru the my FB Album but I figured there’s still so much I wanna say, so here I am.

Ok I have always been asked by so many friends why I am ok with Didda Abet riding his Vespa. Well, I really dont think he’d be unsafe sa Vespa, kasi he is not a fast driver or a speed demon, hehe tumatanda na siya eh, so kampante ako (except during long rides in the early years).  Besides, when I met him during college he was riding a motorcycle na talaga, so di naman foreign sa akin ang pag momotor niya.  Tapos Vespa pa is so nice and well actually what really made be believe it is the right time for him to buy one was when he said he will buy a Vespa so he can bring Kite to school… awww swooon what a great dad diba? *rolleyes* Hinatid niya nung first day sa school, and that was the last time na din.  Ang traffic daw, nauusukan lang sila kasi halos standstill ang traffic, mahirap daw kasi ang laki ng bag… methink it is simply because it is not fun to wake up in the morning IF you have to do a chore.  Oh well!

Josh at 7 years old

It turned out his Vespa was a hit with all the nieces and nephews. They would want to take turns (as in turns ha, paulit ulit) around the area.  Sometimes when we go home and before we go up to the unit, sila ni Kite mag one round in the area pa bago sila aakyat ng bahay.  Well those were the days.  Ang dami din naging changes sa buhay namin dahil sa Vespa, nagkaroon siya ng ibang world, nag oout of town siya for days with his Vespa friends, nag camping pa nga sila ni Kite with the VespaClub eh (I like it kasi I get ‘me’ time when he is aways), naging part na din ng life namin ang Vespa Club (hehe feeling ko honorary member ako, nangengealam ako madalas, hanap ako ng gagawa ng patches, ng membership cards etc etc well it’s because Abet was the club president din kasi and after his term I got to know din all the other presidents and officers and member – dapat magpakilala para mahiya naman siya sa akin if they do hanky panky with Abet *may laman haha*), may wall of Vespas na din kami sa bahay at puro Vespa na din ang naging pasalubong sa kanya etc etc.

Me and his Vespa? Once lang ako naka sakay nung bago pa yung Vespa. Naku po from our house to Greenhills Promenade lang kaso am so praning! I was just using a small shoulder bag but ang feeling bawat tatabi na naka motor or mga vendor or any pedestrian eh ang bilis lang nila hablutin yung bag ko, more than the bag it was the experience and the trauma with it that I do not want to encounter. Tsaka ayaw ko yung naalog pwet ko 😦 Hmmph dinibdib yata ni Didda yung angal ko kasi never na niya ako ulit inayang umangkas.  Hehehe until yesterday, I had plans na today to meet with a friend for merienda and shop around sa Mega sana, but was told na mag UP daw kami to meet Cox (his Vespa friend na painter who did a drawing of our fam, super thanks Cox!)

I had long wanted a painting/drawing of us na talagang commissioned. I love anything and everything personalized talaga. The only thing we have na drawing/artwork of us was one done by our good friend Mike Fua for our wedding He did the 6 in our 1026 logo the nekid couple forming the number 6. Aww too bad we dont have a hard copy… hmm will ask Mike nga if he could do it for us.)

Anyway, yung nga we will go to UP daw to eat isaw and meet Cox there and mag Vespa daw kami! Ack! Ako takang taka why, biglaan, di naman namin yan napagusapan earlier, di ko maconnect why naisip niya but sige mukhang may possibility naman yung trip maging enjoy kasi nabasa ko yung experience nila Bimbo & Des nung nag Pranjetto sila eh, sige nga ma try nga besides the drawing is something to look forward to and so is the ice cream there, di ako looking forward sa isaw kasi lie low ako sa death-food dahil paalis kami sa tuesday and I dont want any possible problem besides I was devouring super yummy chicharon the past few days na, the guilt is enough. Off we go to the adventure, and let me share them with you…

trying to capture us in our 'ride'

still trying to capture us

here's what a pillion rider sees

enjoy! will do this again 🙂

The rest of the photos are in my WhoRidesAVespa FB Album.

What I learned in this trip:

1. It is dangerous but enjoyable – ride only with people you trust completely. I understand how easily an accident can happen. Pray and enjoy life! Whether or not you ride on two wheels! Life is precious.

2. The wind is really strong and stings the eye (moreso if you dont wear glasses) so those helmet with shield is really necessary unless like me you just hide behind the rider 🙂

3. You get a different perspective of the road. I notice the view more (Katipunan Area with Antipolo view), I notice the weather (nice nice weather at 430pm, my fave time of the day), you appreciate life (I felt happy as we cruise along Katipunan with the sun out but not stinging our skin, with the wind cool yet not cold, with the trees shading us etc etc) and you smell everything too, gas smell – I like; tambucho – I hate!

4. Nakaka takot pag bigla andar yung jerk lalo na if di ka ready, kaya dapat hawak ka at all times. And yung stop lights with countdown ayy super love yan.

5. Di ka pwedeng mamili bigla, bago ka bibili iisipin mo muna saan siya ilalagay!

6. It is fun to do be open to new experience.

7. It is always fun to have couple time <3.

Till the next joyride!

PS. As I was tagging Cox in the photo I googled him… whoah! Here are some articles on him that I really liked 🙂

Daniel Coquilla’s Art of Street Culture
by: Christiane L. de la Paz

Dansoy Coquilla and the View (from) Above

August 1, 2010, 5:08pm

View his multiply site and some of his work and more about him.

Thanks again Cox! We are honored to be drawn 🙂



Got the painted one na from Cox 🙂

Myra Gaye Sare

December 22, 2011 § 6 Comments

This is a long overdue post. I’ve been wanting to write this for so long but never found the chance.

I always hear people say that close contact with death changes you. I agree. 40 days ago our friend Myra Sare succumbed to colon cancer. It was quick. They learned about her condition just a month before her death. Usually when people find out about her death and the suddenness of it the first instinct is to check their own health and fear death, a number of peeps in the wedding industry are going for executive checkups soon. But me it was not the effect, instead I wish when I go I would be able to have lived a life as full as hers.  Hers may be a short life (she died at 37 years old) but it was full to the brim, overflowing even.  Her relationship with her kids is one I find myself leaning towards to. I vividly remember how impressed I was with her mothering skills when during the early days of Facebook when we would answer questions and post them under notes… this is hers and it knocked me off my sock! I have a very good relationship with my daughter Kite, we are close and we get along really well but we do have the usual issues, those please do this and do that first and that is what she remember me saying to her most often. But My is different, among all my mommy friends it is ONLY her kids who answered the question this way:

1. What is something Mommy always say to you?
Nik: I love u! 

1. What is something Mommy always say to you?
Max: I love you! 

I remember looking up to My so much after that. Her kids are normal, napapagalitan, nasesermonan, hindi perfect pero I Love You and answer nila. I am a mom and I say I love you to Kite often enough but still it is my nagging she remember more than my I Love You and mine is normal, for My to be remembered for her I Love You’s wow that is super big deal and super telling. Impressive really!

My spent the last I think 5 or 6 years of her life being a full time mom, so she monitored her kids’ every move and every growth and every development, she died not wishing she spent more time at home and less time working or being out with friends etc. I bet you she had a much much greater relationship with her kids than a lot of those who lived up to see their kids have kids! Her kids know and will forever remember their mom even when their mom left them at 13 and 10 years old.  She instilled the right values and characters in her kids. And it is because she stayed home that she was also able to give back to her parents by caring for them and being there for them for their every needs.  She was able to give back and serve her parents back even in her short life. Oh her yaya is with her the past 10 years! At this day and age, who else have such loyal yaya, she must be a really great person right?! Oh the mommies who read this will agree how rare it is to have yaya staying this long. And her yaya spoke too on her eulogy, that is the kind of person she is. Damn impressive right!?!

Her social life wasn’t empty too. She regularly met up with her old gang and her other friends. Heck, she even had the chance to go out of the country with friends, not once but twice! Her last three years was spent going in and out of town, checking in at the swankiest resorts for every possible occasion, her birthday, their wedding anniversary or when there is a great groupon deals; they would also regularly luxe on 5 star hotels in the Metro. She even had the chance to go out of the country with her whole family with siblings and nieces and nephews and her parents. And the designer bags we lusted for years and years ago? She got em, not one not two but lots! Like I told you she did have a charmed life 🙂

Her relationship with her husband is also one for the book. How often can you find a wife so in love with their husband after 14 years? I can feel how much love she have for Bong, as in super in love at kilig na kilig pa din siya kay Bong after all these years. And yes they do fight, as in ekek arte small stuff, like I said their marriage was never on the rocks.  She was able to enjoy so much out of life with Bong. Grabe sobra siyang saya sa buhay nilang mag asawa. Something so rare and something so valuable.  I think she is maybe more in love pa than when they got married, and how many couples can even say that! Grabe right?

She died and there’s not a single ‘I wish’ on her death bed. Not just that but there’s not even a need for bilin as everything is perfect in her world, of course perfect in a relative way, if it was indeed perfect then cancer wouldnt have been in the picture. But as a mom, I think you guys know what I am trying to say. There was no need to bilin her kids or bilin this and that she knew all will be taken cared of perfectly. When I hear people feeling sorry for My, I dont quite agree. I feel sad she wont see her kids grow but her life is so much more full than probably 95% of the people in this world. Her happiness cup is fuller most people too!

Because of My I am now a happier person, I now enjoy and savor each and every single day that I have, every single things that I own, and every single thing that I am able to do, I no longer dream of what I want to have, where I want to go or what I want to achieve but now I strive to have a life as full as hers. I rather live full than live long. I laugh heartier now too!

Thank you My for this important lesson in life. Those who know her or met her will know she is not a loud flashy person, but she is a very steady person, she knows what are the most important things in life and she valued them and she lived her life to the fullest! She never felt the need to brag, to show off nor to upstage anyone, she is happy in her lot. Her life is one of those who got the most quality!  I can’t name a single person who had a happier life than her. Oh, according to Bong she cried when she first told Bong about the cancer diagnosis but never again after that! During her 1 month stay in the hospital, she never cried, questioned nor pitied herself/her situation. I think deep down she knows even with the cancer, she is one pretty lucky person and her life, even that short, rocked!

Thank you for your life and for all that we learned from you. We’re missing you!

Happy 1026!

October 25, 2011 § 11 Comments

Happy Anniversary to me & Didda! Yoohoo 13 years and passing it.

Here’s my gift 🙂

Am sure siya walang gift sa akin hahaha.  May gift pala siya sa akin 🙂 pahiya ako, as in hahaha. Actually ako din walang gift til I read Marjorie’s post sa W@W on her Kokeshi dolls. Syempre I also want kaso super kulang na sa oras kasi that’s10 days before the anniv and besies si Didda ang creative sa amin baka may mga magagandang ideas siya eh so I made a request to Khristine if pwede make first stages lang muna matapos by Oct 26 so I can give the gift yet we can still get Didda’s input.

So here is my ‘gift’ 🙂

O Didda, finalize ko na or may naiisip kang ibang idea? Am adding lang a Marge image sa damit ko kasi Kite said parang di bagay if I became Marge eh kayo you are wearing them lang.

Wow ang bilis, here’s the revised one na.

Happy happy anniversary to the life of the house and for making it so much fun here at home! I love you 🙂

Mommy Mundo Bazaar

October 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

SAVE THE DATE for our last shopping event for the year, MOMMY MUNDO BAZAAR 2011 is happening on Nov 19 and 20 at the Rockwell Tent.  Your fave Expo Mom sellers and mompreneurs will be there along with new additions!  It’s a 2-day shopping event so you have no reason to miss this!

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See you there!