Surprise :) Happy 10th Year Jong!

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Surprise Jong! Haha it’s your turn today ūüôā

Happy 10th Year Anniv to you and ImagineNation. I guess we also know each other for 10 years now. ¬†Am truly glad to be a friend to you and to Monique. Weird and amazing ang friendship nating apat. I have a relationship with Monique because of N@W, yet my friendship to you is independent of that with mine and Monique and so is your relationship with Abet but we are also couple friends. Aliw lang ūüôā Truly glad to be friends with you guys. There’d be times when we’d see each other so often then times when it’ll be months before we are in touch yet if I need you for anything I know you always always make time for me. I truly appreciate that and am sure you know it is likewise.

Congratulations for the last 10 years! It was not always smooth and it was never always rocky, it had it’s share of peaks and frights. Enough to be interesting and fulfilling.¬†Am really happy to have always been like an adopted part of ImagineNation, back when I know always everybody from the team, to the present when I dont know all but still feels part of the IN Family. ¬†Thank you for making us always feel that IN is at our disposal for any of our needs. We feel it truly! ¬†We look forward to several more decades of IN!

Jong, I knew you for 10 years now yet ¬†I got to be your friend when you are done being ‘gago’ na, so I cant say am so glad you changed and so on and so forth. But I can say am proud of who you are, although I wish you are less busy! You wear so many hats kasi. I know a lot of suppliers now who look up to you as their mentor in photography, some looks up to you for your business acumen and now your IN family looks up to you as their spiritual leader. ¬†Whatever it is that you are, you have been giving a lot of yourself to so many people. Please keep doing what it is you are doing, except be less ma drama and matampuhin! Hahah Congratulations again and happy 10th year anniversary. ¬†Hope you enjoy the surprise party! Arent you so proud of how the party came about? It is all about everybody’s LOVE for you!


Travel Kwento: BALI

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Travel Kwento: BALI

Travel Date April 13, 2013 – April 16, 2013

Travel Party: Mimma, Didda, Kite, Laya; Sister in Law Leslie with kids Gio & Paulo; Friend Bong with kids Nik & Max Р10 pax (4 grown ups; 3 teenage kids; 2 tweeners & 1 toddler)

Airfare: 50% one way sale P8688/pax

Kunja Villa & Spa: $556/night for a 3 Bedroom Villa (1 room per family kami)

Airport Transfer: P9,100 for both ways

Vacation Type: Luxurious. Pace: Chill.

Additional Note:

I booked Cebu Pac on my own but for the hotel I asked help from Happy Travels for recommendations because I knew the trip will highly depend on the place where we will stay since I know the beach there is nothing compared to Boracay. Choices were:

The Dusun¬†¬†Three bedroom Pool Villa: Usd651/net/villa/night ‚Äď incl. abf

Karma Jimbaran¬†Three Bedroom Luxury Pool¬†Villa: Usd: Usd 674/net/villa/night ‚Äď incl.abf

The Kunja¬†¬†¬†Three bedroom Pool Villa: Usd¬†556/net/villa/night ‚Äď incl. abf

We chose Kunja for the vast space and for the fact that the rooms are all kinda Masters bedroom-ish: King Size bed on all rooms and all bathroom are spacious. Karma was a second choice simply because the living room is air conditioned. It would be nice to be able to stay and chit chat with everyone in comfort, but the layout wasnt as good and the space wasnt as big too.

Day 1

Our flight to Bali was at 4am so we left house at 1am. So glad Stephen (Happy Travels) called Kunja the day before to find out if we can have early check in. As soon as we arrived the resort, we just filled up the forms at their lobby then we were immediately brought to our villa with a welcome drink of Ginger with Lemongrass (really yummy) and cold towels. We arrive at the villa at 9am and asked reception if we can have breakfast served since our flight on the last day will be too early, they happily obliged and we really appreciate that. While waiting for breakfast, the kids went swimming.


LONG walk from airport to car port

IMG_4514 - Copy

Villa 10

IMG_4535 - Copy

The Breakfast Guy

IMG_4551 - Copy

Cooking our breakky


Waiting for breakfast


Overflowing condiments


Breakfast is ready!


Rightside room, extra bed beside the door leading to the pool/garden.

IMG_4524 - Copy

Bathroom of the rightside bedroom. The bathroom in master’s bedroom is much bigger pa.

Our IT for the day is to just enjoy the villa and go to KuDeTa in Kuta for Sunset. Our plans for the next day is to do a city tour so we spent the afternoon browsing thru tons of brochure we got from the airport. Nap a bit then headed to KuDeta, a bar in front of the Kuta Beach, nice place to chill and watch as surfers enjoy the waves, the kids playing with sands and just enjoying the beach. ¬†Too bad it was overcast that day and we werent able to see the sunset, but our kid enjoyed the beach and the waves so it’s ok. ¬†Besides the kids are too tired from swimming since some didnt nap so we decided to head back to the villas as it started to drizzle. Upon reaching the villa we ordered dinner thru the hotel’s reception. Kids swam again after dinner.




Beach View


Playing with the sand


Pictorial by the beach.

Day 2

We do plan to stay in the villa a lot but still we want to see sights and see Bali. So we rented a car that would fit all 10 of us, we got an Elf Van that seats 12 pax for $75 for 9 hours add $10 for a guide. We picked places I see from the brochures and just asked the guide to bring us there.  It was really hot and we are all dreaming of the pool so we kinda cut short the trip and headed back.  We went to the ff places:


Taman Ayun Temple is a Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire and it is located in Mengwi Village. It is so worth going to, I love how beautiful the temple is.


Taman Ayun Temple is a Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire and it is located in Mengwi Village


Ulun Danu Temple in Lake Beratan. It is atop a mountain so the temperature is cool. Another beautiful temple.


Fruits and handicraft market.


Monkey Temple


Monkey Temple


This is our rented van. Our guide sat at the seat beside the driver. Can seat 12 passengers including the seat of the guide. $75 for 9 hour rent.


Whole Babi Guling ordered via the resort at 800,000 INR or roughly P3,400

Day 3

They left at 8am to go rafting (Siobe & I were stayed at the villa). They came back at around 2pm. Super fun but the walk to the rafts were so tiring and treacherous. Abet & Bong tried white water rafting in CDO and it doesnt compare to this one. ¬†This one give you a pause to catch your breath and it is action time again, while the one in CDO has a lot of calm water parts. ¬†The kids ranging from 9 years old to 14 years old all enjoyed it and didnt get scared at all. ¬†According to them they will definitely do this again should we go back to Bali. ¬†Also should research well on which operator to pick. ¬†Some are located far so there’s a long long, some have a short rafting route so short rafting time only. There’s too many rafting offers but we chose the one who offered the cheapest price $30/pax inclusive of transfers, rafting, insurance, lunch (lousy one), equipment. The most expensive at $50/pax I wonder if the more expensive ones has the shorter walk/better service.


That night we went to have dinner by the beach at Jimbaran, oh it was far pala (45 mins via taxi at 80,000IDR or P340). The food was awesome. Not cheap but not too expensive since we ordered a lot and we ordered lobster, prawns, crabs, clasm and fish and a lot of young coconut juice.  Must try their young coconut juice they squeeze a slice of lime, their clams is also really good, the Barramundi Fish too and the Prawns are really so good. Great end to a great trip!


Day 4

Wake up at 5am leave resort at 5:30am for 8:30am flight.

Our photos at:


There are several places we want to go back too so perfect for a next trip. Along the way we saw the nice boutique and cafes at the Kuta area (very near Seminyak lang where our resort is) next trip we will do a 4 day trip. Day 1 chill then dinner at Jimbaran Beach. Day 2
Culture day go visit the temples and sights. Day 3 rafting and Sunset at Kudeta. Day 4 Chill, Shop, Beach, Boutique and Cafe day.

We totalled all the expenses it’s at P240,000 all in na even the terminal fees and airport taxes. 10 pax (4¬†adults, 3 teenagers; 2 tweens, 1 toddler)


Ge Lai

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I grew up in a Chinese Household think Joy Luck Club. My mom is the type who would boil medicinal herbs and drink it with full confidence of its worth, she would regularly force us to drink some and we would device ways and means to get away from it.  I also studied in a Chinese school so most of my classmates have kinda the same thing going for them at home.  So Ge Lai is a common thing in our house and we grew up believing in its value.  For us after giving birth doing Ge Lai is as important.

When I was pregnant with Kite, I had to rely on my mom to take care of my food so everyday the driver brings the food to me sa Balintawak, ang hassle. I wish there was someone, somewhere to order these food na lang.  Then 11 years later, when I was about to give birth to Laya, same thing I still had the same wish. I had a friend from Singapore buy me cookbooks for Ge Lai. Hirap but she was able to score me several.  I was able to teach our helper to cook the Ge Lai food and ang sarap ha! Basta sesame oil, ginger and wine are staple sa ingredients.

Fast forward to last year, I was told by my friend na her kinakapatid is into Ge Lai food, wah was too excited and was so happy to meet them. Last 2 weeks ago I was finally able to taste their Black Chicken. Ayan na pa blog ako kasi I feel for the moms who’s parents are either too far, too busy or not there anymore to do the Ge Lai for them.


Kaya am introducing Mama Chow by Chef Jonathan Chua, his wife Raquel naman owns Ginquelrus Pastries yummy goodies, she got lactation cookies and cupcakes too that are so yummy. Been ordering her Cheese Cupcake like crazy.

Anyway, here’s how the Black Chicken looks like packed. And uploading some of their literature too.





Yan just order from them if you dont have anybody cooking Ge Lai food for you. I really suggest eating Ge Lai food to help your body recover from birthing.  I will try to look for the recipes too that I love from the Ge Lai Cookbooks I got.  (Thanks Candy!)


Tuwa, The Laughing Fish

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Ohh it has been so long since I last blogged but this one I really want to blog talaga.

Tuwa, The Laughing Fish is an ecological village with zero waste, they have a sustainable lifestyle that is ready for any climate change. ¬†They plant their food, they harvest their our power, they live a life they way our ancestor did with no waste and full use of what is around them in comfort. ¬†They were able to create a balance of life there in their paradise in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija. ¬†I first learned about their place when Dominic Velasco showed photos of this place a year or two ago. ¬†He was proud of what Penny, his ex wife have created (dont you love it when couple are friend after separation? Pwede naman eh, hope others follow suit the friends part not the separation part ha). ¬†Then last February another friend who is really into eco living, organic life mentioned there’s a nice place to go to daw, so I googled it and found out it was Penny’s place pala. So I immediately invited some people whom I think would appreciate such and off we went this morning. Oohh I so love the place. I wasnt able to career the pacpipicture because I was busy listening to Penny & John explain what PermaCulture is and also on what they are doing in their place and how they are able to do it. I find their life so rich and full of substance, this is the life I want to have. One day… I will have it!

For now, let me share with you their place and hopefully you get to visit it and experience it and hopefully learn and copy also from them.  I feel we all owe it to Mother Earth to do our part in not wasting our resources and in making our life sustainable.  I felt like it is such a privilege to be able to visit their place and hear them talk about what they do. They are selling their place so they are not accepting bookings for more than 3 weeks in advance.  So do find time to visit their place now before it is sold.  Or buy the property from them?

Day Trip is P850 per person; P300 for children below 5 years old & P300 also for driver’s meal. ¬†Daytrip includes lunch & merienda and a tour and lesson on how they do thing there and why they do it.

Overnight stay is P1750 yata per person inclusive of full board meals.

Their place may be back to basic but it is definitely not lacking of comfort.  It is not luxurious but everything you need is there.

Check out some of the photos I was able to take.


IMG_3053Main House – what a welcome sight. Those duyan is heavenly with a soft wind in the afternoon.

IMG_3059Penny here happily sharing her advocacy/her life/her creation!

IMG_3062Dry Compose Toilet. Every waste is harvested to good use even fecal matters and urine. Nope there is no foul smell at all.


You pour this over the feces and they decomposed etc etc and they change the bin every 3 weeks. The last dump was a few hours before we went and yet no trace of bad smell at all. The urine container will smell if it is almost full which is also a signal to change the container.


Penny will explain to you how to use their Dry Toilet so it is really simple and easy.


Main House. Simple, cozy and fully functional.

IMG_3070We were given this place to rest ūüôā

IMG_3080John happily taking about Permaculture and about what they do here in Tuwa.

IMG_3088Penny prepared our lunch. This is called Locavore Cuisine. Food grown within 160 km of its point of purchase or consumption.

IMG_3100Rocket Stove. If you hear them talk about how little resources are needed if used wisely, you will be heartbroken on how much waste we just incur on our day to day life.

I didnt take that much photos because I read a blog where the photos were shot so nicely and explanations are clearer. Please visit the blog of Triple Espresso Shot to know more.

And read also more on the official TUWA website.

Like them too on their Facebook Page.

Please help spread the words.

Happy Breastfeeding Month!

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This post is not just about Breastfeeding but also about NewlywedsAtWork (N@W). Ok backgrounder. N@W is an offshoot of WeddingsAtWork (W@W). We have our ¬†W@W Website¬†and our¬†W@W eGroup who live, talk & breathe wedding preps day in and day out. Since it is inevitable for the members who are married to discuss others things after their wedding, we created N@W, in N@W we discuss anything and everything, showbiz, recipes, shopping, travels, investments and whole lot more but of course majorly about being parents. ¬†N@W is my magic place, my solace, my refuge, my go to place. Things I cant post in FB as they are too personal I can easily post in N@W. My motherhood journey is made doubly and triply better because I got N@Wies to share and enjoy it with. ¬†I was able to successfully and easily breastfeed solely because of N@W.¬†I actually hesitate blogging about N@W because I am not keen on making it a bigger group than it already is… ssshhhh (di ko talaga binigay ang link noh)

Ok now that you understand how much N@W means to me, then you can easily understand why I wanted to organize the N@W Breastfeed Marathon Shoot. ¬†Am actually dumbfounded why I didnt think of this last year or the year before. I was tagged by Stan and Jenny on their Breastfeed Shoot Project and it was just then when it hit me why not make one for N@W. On Aug 2 I sent some text message here and there, emailed the N@Wies asking if anybody’s interested and by Aug 4 the shoot was set and we had 16 mommies (with varied ages of babies from 2 months old to 3 years old and we also have a twins in the set, galing!) which grew to 20 and 19 made it ūüôā We didnt have a theme nor a look nor a peg we just wanted a breastfeeding shot so we can join in celebrating Breastfeeding Month and at the same time have the ¬†N@Wie moms have a nice portrait of them breastfeeding for posterity. Hopefully it would help make them ambassadors of breastfeeding among their own peers.

How the shoot came about and thank you’s… First to Stan Ong for saying yes he is willing to do it; to Abie & Clarice for saying yes it is a great idea and they will join… those were my first yesses and it fueled me to go on so when schedule with Stan didnt work out, my next yesses came in the form of Lisa and then John Mateos Ong. Aug 3 when the studio we were eyeing still didnt reply I got a yes from Nelwin agreeing to let us use his studio Cocoon then Chichi came in to say she would want to put some quick make up on the moms, all this while the excited mommies kept emailing they wanna join. Then finally I spoke with Jong and Monique everything was easily set, ¬†Life by ImagineNation¬†na daw bahala, then ako pa ang choosy I asked sino pipicture haha when he said Arlene of The Boudoir Dolls¬†I knew it will be perfect na, then he said we can shoot in his place where there is daylight, where there is a big space and he can send us photogs (with S) aside from Arlene to shoot us. And just like that the shoot was finalized na.¬†Special shout out to Bea, Olive & Brianna for being so gaan and so accommodating with all of us being such stage moms and dads, sorry walang kain break atat na stage parents andun eh! Special shout out to Chichi who didnt have along line aba minsan sila pa naghihintay ng next! Iba kayo Team Chichi¬†(am proud to say before she became a professional make up artist W@Wie din siya)! And special shout out to Monique who made things happen, a day before she texted me what do we need, I said water and she had a water dispenser and cups ready, I said we will bring snacks na lang and she had tables for snacks ready, I told the group come early then let kids play, she made a play area with mats and provided toys for the kids too. Diba ang smooth!

Day of the Shoot! It was so much fun, no stress, no complain, no I WISH, no WE SHOULD HAVEs during the shoot and I was truly amazed how it all just worked out. ¬†We were even able to take advantage of the shoot and not only did we have breastfeeding shots but also kiddie portraits and family portraits as well. ¬†Each family got to shot at all the 3 set ups (black background set up; white background set up and the daylight set up) and we even had Jeff & Lisa take behind the scene shots while waiting for our turns. We didnt have diva moms who wanted to hog time, we didnt have bratty kids who ruined the mood of other kids (oh of course we had whiny kids but none that whined the whole time) I was wondering how come this shoot was so smooth and my only conclusion was because it was a family, we didnt care if a mom had to singit and shoot first kasi her kids suddenly went to the sofa na, it didnt matter if I am the next but a baby is suddenly feeding na so siya na una nag fe-feed na eh, it didnt matter if some had a go at the set several times and some once lang. It was a FAMILY and there was so much love in the set. ¬†There so so much love that we ended up posting and texting endless thank you’s ¬†the whole night via phone and via FB as we all felt the magic. ¬†Before I get too sappy… here please enjoy our shoot. Am proud to say N@W has been and will continue to be a big tool, resource, support to breastfeeding mommies.

Mommy Abie feeding Baby Raja (7 months)

Mommy Carolyn feeding Baby Carl (10 months)

Mommy Cheng feeding Baby Andric (11 months)

Mommy Chichi feeding Baby Marco (5 months)

Mommy Pittipat feeding Baby Janina (32 months)

Mommy Angela feeding Baby Dylan (11 months)

Mommy Bing feeding Baby Rafa (7 months)

Mommy Liza feeding Baby Nikko (14 months)

Mommy Ivy feeding Rafa (8 months)

Mommy Mona feeding Baby Lara (2 months)

Mommy Maricar feeding Baby Joaquin (24 months)

Mommy Kate feeding Baby Jacob (16 months)

Mommy Clarice feeding Baby Jia (49 months)

Mommy Monique feeding Baby Ezra (1 month old)

Mommy Hannah feeding Jaime Luiz (35 months)

Me feeding Baby Laya (28 months)

Our finale, Mommy Nikki tandem feeding Babies Fonso / Sancho (21 months)


To the mommies… N@W is happy to be able to give you this portrait. May you find these pictures when your kids are all grown up and be transported back to this wonderful chapter of your journey as a mom. If these photos help convince even just one of your friend to breastfeed then what a great gift we gave back to the world.

And Happy Breastfeeding Month to all.

Read Mommy Chichi’s account on the marathon shoot and her breastfeeding journey.

Read Mommy Tina of TrulyRichMom’s blog on this.

Happiest Place on Earth

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Our very first family travel to Hong Kong back in 2007 is super memorable to me. I wont even begin to explain or I will lost track on what I wish to write here. Lucky for us because our good friend Ritchie joined us, so we were able to have family pictures.

Masarap din may karelyebo sa rides to amuse Kite.

Ok the point of this post is… ewan ko saan saan na din ako nakarating til I decided I want lang to make my own tips and advices to HK Disneyland. Actually, I initially planned to just blog about the Disney Autograph Book kasi nag ask si Clarice about it then when I replied ang daming interested so kinilig ako. Tamang tama a few days ago Antonette was saying she wish I will go back to blogging (said a delinquent blogger to another).

Ok here goes my HK Disneyland Do Not Miss List:

1. Stay in Disney Hotel

Hollywood Hotel Seaview Room View

Stay at their hotel for at the very least 2 nights. We stayed 1 night on our first trip and it was just hard cramming everything in 1 night. We also stayed for 4 nights and I loved it! We were able to explore and really enjoy Disneyland.

Which hotel to stay. Disney Hollywood Hotel or Disneyland Hotel. Because they are not the same price it is for me hands down Hollywood Hotel because I like the vibe of the hotel and it feels more playful and more friendly and more for kids. (Disclaimer: I haven’t stayed in Disneyland Hotel yet but I’ve been there for breakfast and was able to roam around the area). Price of room is a major swayer Disneyland Hotel’s cheapest room is at HK$2100 while cheapest room in Hollywood Hotel is HK$1550 (HK$1=Php6). Do I wish to try staying ¬†at Disneyland Hotel? Hell yeah of course, just to try it too. Photo above is from Hollywood Hotel SeaView Room. I tried Garden View and the view is nothing, the Park View gives you a faraway view of the Park and I guess you can see fireworks during fireworks time (good if you stay in the room at such time, we never do). The only difference of the rooms in Hollywood Hotel is the view the room size and amenities are absolutely same. All rooms comes with 2 Queen Size bed, beds 4 pax comfortably. I have known of families who occupies one room for 6 pax (2 pax on the floor).

Update: June 7, 2013. Last December 2012 we stayed in Disneyland Hotel in a Clubroom Floor, himatay sa price but it is really nice. If I can spare the money I will forever stay na sa Disneyland Hotel, much more luxurious, spacey, homey but expensive. We are going again to HK this December 2013 and we are still deciding if we go Hollywood or Disneyland Hotel. The price is really the dealbreaker. 

Also during our Dec 2012 trip we got the Park View room and we got to enjoy the fireworks from our room with a channel in the TV playing what was playing right there in the park. So if you are with a toddler might be a good idea to get a Park View room, Laya was 2 .9 then and she wouldnt sleep in the stroller so we had to cut our DisneyPark trip shop so she can sleep in the room. Not that answers my earlier questions about not being in the room at such time!

My suggested itinerary:

for an overnight stay. Check in as early as you can, if room is not available by 9am just leave your luggage and head over to the Park already, stay in the park til it closes. Go back to hotel and join the bedtime storytelling at the Activity Room then take a swim at their heated pool (pool closes at 10pm) and enjoy finding hidden Mickey’s if your energy can take it. Day 2 start the day with having a Character Breakfast at Disneyland Hotel then head off to the park again till you satisfy your Disney appetite.

for a 2 night stay: check in and enjoy the kids activities they prepared for the day. See what interest you, swim in their heated pool. Then head of to Tung Chung for Citygate Outlets and shop and have your dinner there. Day 2 & 3 follow the IT above.

for a 3 night stay: use the extra day to explore Nyong Ping and more shopping time at Citygate Outlet and swimming time at the pool.

for a 4 night stay: use the extra day to explore HK’s main land sightseeing spots then another day for Ocean Park then either squeeze the 3 night stay to 2 nights or use the 2 night stay IT

here is a sample activity sched for the day (circa 2008)

Hotel Activities (2008 Sched)

Hotel Facilities Info

2. Character Dining

Enchanted Garden in Disneyland Hotel – a photo with all characters present is rare, we were able to have this coz we arrived for breakfast late and they gave us a chance to have a group picture since there’s not much time for solo shots anymore. A very rare opportunity. They really hate having guest go home unhappy so to make up they organized this for our group. Happiness to the nth level!

Character Breakfast at Plaza Inn – this is no longer offered. Didnt see it among the choices. Plaza Inn is a Chinese Food Buffet Breakfast that’s why they are dressed in Chinese attire, sadly, food utterly not worth it, choices were limited.

I absolutely love having breakfast and seeing the characters come and visit. They make sure they go to ALL tables and have enough time for each guest to have the picture taken solo, with some, with all, to sign autographs and if it is a slow day even for some playful interactions. Please do save for this make sure you do this. Oh if you can hold off telling your kids the characters are coming the joy is even more seeing the kids exclaim that Mickey, Minnie, Pluto or Goofy or whoever just came in the dining room! Oh what a joy.

The absolutely great thing about booking a Character Breakfast in Plaza Inn is you get to enter the park even before the park is open. See this shot? RARE! Nobody in the park except for us. We got in an hour or 2 before the park was open to the public. We didnt loiter around but you will be passing by the whole Main Street as Plaza Inn is at the end just before Sleeping Beauty’s Rotunda. Awesomeness!

3. Check out Maze at Disneyland Hotel

Maze at Disneyland Hotel

If you go to Disneyland whether you are a hotel guest or not, you can take the shuttle that does the round. From Disney Park/MRT station next stop is Disneyland Hotel then next is Hollywood Hotel then back to the Park/MRT station. You can go to the hotel and enjoy the common area. We were able to explore Disneyland Hotel after our breakfast in Enchanted Garden. There is a door from Enchanted Garden leading you outside to the maze area. It is fun to get lost in the maze, not sure if it is easy but definitely not scary (hmm maybe it wold be for a kid who cant see over the hedges?)

4. Swim at the Piano Pool of Hollywood Hotel

Heated Pool

Hollywood Hotel Piano Pool – shaped like a piano and with piano keys design at the bottom of the pool. Other side is the slide pool

One of the hotels activity. Chalk drawing. Great before or after swim activity.

5. Bedtime Storytelling

No big deal really, but most likely you got nothing to do after the park closes so why not. Dont work your sched around this but if it fits then go for it.

6. Autograph Signing

Autograph Books

Hotel Housekeeping did this. So cute!

Tips re autograph book.

1. You may buy an autograph book from any Disney Stores (15 pages) or bring any of your notebook.

2. If buying an autograph book remember to take photos in landscape format. We were aware that we need a photo but it slipped our mind that the photo would be nicer in a landscape format. Try not to copy our mistake.

3. Using a notebook tend to be frustrating kasi most like there will be a lot of pages. Autograph book are just 15 pages and having 15 characters sign is the right amount for a 2 day Park trip.

4. There’s a girlie autograph design and also a boyish design so dont be misled by my photos our kid is girlie so she chose a pink one.

5. The Cast Members and characters are very very tolerant of kids with autograph book, so if you are with 3 kids do not feel embarrassed having 3 books signed, having 3 solo pictures and even sibling photos and family photos. They can take the photos for you using your camera (dslr, point and shoot, cellphone cam, any cam at all) and they are quite quick. They are very very courteous but they also wont tolerate over staying they will gently lead you to leave if you are taking longer than needed.

Hope I didnt miss anything. As for Park Tips? Hmm just go for the ride first before you hit the lines for the autographs. Refer to Park Maps (available upon entrance) to see where the character photo ops are. Don’t forget to eat those Mickey Mouse Head Ice Cream, I love the bitter taste of the sugar in their caramel popcorn, I love the Duck Rice at Comet Cafe across Orbitron but check sched this is not always open. Of course DO NOT miss the parade & the fireworks. Do not ever ever skip PhilHarmagic, next dont miss Buzz AstroBlaster. Golden Mickey is a missable show for me. Lion King is also a missable show for me.

Hope this helped!

Can’t wait to go back to Disneyland!

Update June 2013: Please visit my December 2012 Disneyland Trip. Got more advices there as some debunked my earlier comments here. HK Trip Day 1 | HK Trip Day 2 | HK Trip Day 3 | HK Trip Day 4 | HK Trip Day 5

Pinoy Eats World

June 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

Those who know me knows how much I love eating. Those who’ve seen me would guess I love eating. ¬†But it is not just simply good food I am after, it’s the whole experience. A perfect meal for me would be long meals with nice ambiance, good camaraderie with your meal mates whether to discuss heavy stuff or just nonsense babaw stuff.

I remember clearly my memorable meals these days kasi seldom na lang yung unhurried meal, yung meal na di puro naka internet or games. One is the one we had in Baguio with Mama’s Table with Chef Vicky¬†the lunch was 3 hours long but would have been longer if not for our trip back to Manila. Another is my lunch with my barkada in Antonio’s in Tagaytay yun din 4hours long or more pa. And yung lunch outing with W@Wies at Ugu Bigyan’s which deserve a blogpost on it’s own. (One day soon I hope magawa ko) But in a gist Ugu Bigyan in Tiaong Quezon accepts lunch booking at just P600/pax super busog and super ok yung food they serve, yun nga lang 3 hours travel. But well worth it! Prior reservation needed, I think before they used to have minimum head count but now ok lang kulang basta there’s another group booked. Call na lang and ask highly recommended yan.

Anyway, we had a not as great one when we went to Bale Dutung, food was good but Mary Ann Tayag being so OC and being too serious about their food, she came off close to being rude and it just staled everything for us but good thing company was super great, na negate tuloy. But what made me come back to blogging is what we experience last night with Pinoy Eats World (PEW).

I love meals with ekek. Ayaw ko yung tipong we just go reserve a place sa resto then eat tapos yun na yun. That is good for close friends. But with so many new friends and upcoming friends we meet sa wedding industry masarap din yung we just go out and experience being served or pampered naman. ¬†After our experience s Bale Dutung several wanting a follow up, so I wanted one where we need not travel far but still special yung meal, a meal na di lang ganyan ka bilis ma replicate. ¬†I knew whom to go to, or at least this is what I think they do. I have never met them nor joined their dinner but from always checking out their events that is what I gathered. So I emailed them that night agad and ask if they can work out a dinner for us. ¬†We exchanged emails and met once then that’s it. Wala na akong balita. I myself had no idea what will happen or where the dinner will exactly be nor what food will be served. ¬†I just gave them a brief background, na we want to be able to talk and enjoy and chat and basically have fun and not be scolded for chatting (kinda what happened when we had ours at Bale Dutung) and we want lamon talaga hindi tikim tikim. ¬†I gave them the list of who’s coming then sila na mag research. Hahah what they did they contacted Madge and didnt need na to research, Madge helped them with concept and planning. And we were surprised to ind out Madge was involved.

The event started with all of us meeting in a Starbucks near the place, para daw we all start together (nice nice idea). As soon as we were complete nag convoy na kami to the place where it must not be named (bawal mag check in sa foursquare haha), then¬†Chef JJ Yulo¬†(founder of PEW, that night emcee siya – oh he accepts hosting gigs for weddings – seryoso) started welcoming everybody. He then introduced us to his wife¬†Cres Yulo¬†(who is a photographer too swerte namin may¬†photo coverage¬†kami), our Chef for the night Chef¬†Namee Jorolan¬†(who’s getting married sa January hahah pwede siyang mag inquire after cooking). Ayun di ako sobrang nakinig sa intro niya kasi I was busy reading and being kilig sa menu card! Hahaha.

Here is what they came up with specially for our group:

Customized Menu - dapat yata 19 courses para may moment bawat isa haha

He would introduce the course before serving. Fun kasi some courses were named in honor of one of us, some dishes were served, some where placed sa counter so gulangan at sikuhan para mauna. We were really stuffed! I love the food, the company and the experience.

I love the mashed sweet potato & the roasted bone marrow

I love the side dish of the bone marrow na parsley salad and the sigarilyas na partner ng pork loin… oh, my first taste of sigarilyas pala yan!

Am blogging this kasi super enjoy talaga siya. So plan one with your friends, ahh mahal if you host the party kasi medyo pricey siya if to treat friends (for me ha) so maganda siyang pang KKB (ballpark rate P1500/pax) tapos isip kayo anong theme gusto ninyo. ¬†The place is private kaya maximum capacity na yung 20 pax. Although in my opinion a perfect number for dinner parties is 10 lang, pag 10 you get to talk to all, the group gets to have group talks aside from pocket chat with your neighbors. With 20 pax kasi I wasnt able to chat much with those on the other side of the table na. ūüė¶

Here’s the casting (sayang wala si Cres sa photo… but ok na din kasi if Cres was there baka walang photong ma post)

BKS, James Limsoc, Malou Limsoc, Anne Naig, Wellen Cerda, me, Marvi de Guzman, Dino Lara, Abet Rana, Jason Magbanua, Madge Lejano, Bong Sare, Sheena Caburog, Veejay Floresca, Ian Celis and Rhea Celis
JJ Yulo, Namee, Serge Igonia, Val Villarin & Rogel Igonia

See photos of the evening here photos by Cres Yulo.

Cant wait for the next one! Still up for another one? Who wanna join us?