September 4, 2011 § 3 Comments


Note to self. Buy onesies and PJ bottom na again instead para di exposed ang tummy para di kabagin 🙂

§ 3 Responses to Sleepwear

  • Hi Benz!

    Do you like pj overalls? I like them more especially the zipper ones with the footies! 🙂 Nice to stumble on your blog!!!

  • Maita says:

    Haha! This pic wasn’t posted on FB so I thought you were referring to yourself.

  • BenzRana says:

    Maits: I wanna see what you pictured in your mind hahaha

    Sofia’s Mommy: I dont like with footies even if it is with friction thingy am scared it is still slippery. I dont have any sleepwear with zipper am thinking is zipper safe for 1 year olds? Hmm will google what PJ overall looks like 😉 Lemme see lemme see!

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