Surprise :) Happy 10th Year Jong!

August 31, 2013 § 1 Comment


Surprise Jong! Haha it’s your turn today 🙂

Happy 10th Year Anniv to you and ImagineNation. I guess we also know each other for 10 years now.  Am truly glad to be a friend to you and to Monique. Weird and amazing ang friendship nating apat. I have a relationship with Monique because of N@W, yet my friendship to you is independent of that with mine and Monique and so is your relationship with Abet but we are also couple friends. Aliw lang 🙂 Truly glad to be friends with you guys. There’d be times when we’d see each other so often then times when it’ll be months before we are in touch yet if I need you for anything I know you always always make time for me. I truly appreciate that and am sure you know it is likewise.

Congratulations for the last 10 years! It was not always smooth and it was never always rocky, it had it’s share of peaks and frights. Enough to be interesting and fulfilling. Am really happy to have always been like an adopted part of ImagineNation, back when I know always everybody from the team, to the present when I dont know all but still feels part of the IN Family.  Thank you for making us always feel that IN is at our disposal for any of our needs. We feel it truly!  We look forward to several more decades of IN!

Jong, I knew you for 10 years now yet  I got to be your friend when you are done being ‘gago’ na, so I cant say am so glad you changed and so on and so forth. But I can say am proud of who you are, although I wish you are less busy! You wear so many hats kasi. I know a lot of suppliers now who look up to you as their mentor in photography, some looks up to you for your business acumen and now your IN family looks up to you as their spiritual leader.  Whatever it is that you are, you have been giving a lot of yourself to so many people. Please keep doing what it is you are doing, except be less ma drama and matampuhin! Hahah Congratulations again and happy 10th year anniversary.  Hope you enjoy the surprise party! Arent you so proud of how the party came about? It is all about everybody’s LOVE for you!


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  • Monique says:

    Went through a comment in n@w and noticed you had this blog… Never got to see this. The funny thing is when I checked it out… It was your blog on Jong and imaginenation’s 10th.
    So blessed to have read your blog. Benz you are very dear to us and in case you don’t know it, we are writing it down!!!
    Thanks for making the wedding industry interesting enough and helping it evolve. You have know idea how w@w and n@w has become a part of our lives. It’s a strong radar to know the pulse of the industry, a voice to what the community is like and it’s wants and how we can improve as a photographer, in the business, in our own personal life.
    Thanks for doing this 10th surprise party for us. Even if this is months late to say it!!! We love you!!!

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